My Imperfect Paradise in Costa Rica

Coco Costa RicaI love this photo taken outside of Claudio y Gloria in Coco, where I lived in Costa Rica for one year. It is a yummy little breakfast spot right on the beach, peaceful and low-key. It is absolutely impossible to be stressed out while digging into a breakfast sandwich or casado here as the waves lap ashore. What I love about this photo is that it is a realistic depiction of a place that was my own personal paradise. Yes, the grass isn’t the greenest, and there are brown patches. Some people hear the word “paradise” and think only of the most turquoise waters, white sand, and a perfect, perfect world. I loved Coco because I was myself there, down to the last imperfection. I never judged Coco, and it never judged me, patches and all.

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  1. Looks like paradise to me! Sometimes you just need a place where people can leave you alone lol

  2. Amazing place! Today you’ve reminded me of how little it takes to be happy. 🙂

  3. Is there such a thing as a perfect paradise? I think if I found it, I’d be too busy trying to find out what was wrong with it to really enjoy it. Plus can you imagine the maintenance? I’d be much happier with someplace where the grass is allowed to have brown spots…like you found.

  4. Oh wow, for me this place is Buzios! You shouldn’t have left such a special place!!!

  5. I like imperfect paradise too and my cat is named Coco (but after the Coco Islands 600km off the coast of Costa Rica 🙂

  6. This reminds me of a photo I have for the place I stayed in Kauai. Very similar and absolute peace. Peace and paradise isn’t just a place but a state of being. Glad you found it! 🙂

  7. Looks pretty perfect to me! 😉

  8. It sounds pretty perfect to me! I want to go there with you next time. 🙂

  9. Great photo and great explanation of paradise. You must take me here some day.

  10. I knew I was talking to the right crowd. 🙂

  11. wonderful sentiment, Abby! I’ve never thought about this concept in relationship to a place, but it’s definitely true of people – what we love most about each other usually does stem from our “imperfections” and differences. Love it.

  12. I’ve had an imperfect paradise too, and I think it makes it more special because you know it’s yours rather than it belonging to everyone who’s ever seen it on a postcard.

  13. I sure as hell wouldn’t complain either! 🙂

  14. That sounds so lovely!

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