Iguanas in Guanacaste

My neighbor, Steven, is a force of nature. Today, he taught me how to hold an iguana! I chickened out actually picking the thing up, but I did rub its smooth, florescent belly. The whole thing started when the poor thing slipped into the pool, and Steven had to come to the rescue. Below are some shots of the other scaled lovelies that rule our neighborhood. (Look closely!)

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  1. Your backyard looks better than the Bronx Zoo!

  2. haha your fine with the scorpion killing but not quite ready for iguanas yet huh

  3. I wouldn’t say I’m “fine” with the scorpion killing or that I don’t scream for help when I see one, but I have now officially killed one by myself. Progress!

    It IS like a zoo here! I need to post some monkey pics…

  4. awwww, i love the iguanas!! we used to have one, and he was so awesome!

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