Hidden Vegas project for Sony: my first published pics!

Emma Trotter

At Vegas magazine, we spend quite a lot of time in our photo studio.

One of my goals this year was to work on my photography skills, so how excited was I to participate in Sony’s “Hidden” project? For two weeks, two amateur photographers in cities across the country snapped photos of their everyday lives. Right now, our photos are on display in our local Sony Store, mine at the one near the main valet of Forum Shops at Caesars (near Joe’s Stone Crab). I had a blast doing this project, even though I was so nervous to be so public with my mistakes as I learned how to use the Sony NEX-5RK. It was worth it! Largely thanks to the super-helpful pros at the Sony Store, I have been experimenting with the macro lens (my favorite), focusing, and lighting.

I can’t wait to study photography as much as I can!

The Sony NEX-5RX is really easy and fun to use. Within a week, I felt pretty comfortable using it, and mistakes (mostly with focusing) started to dwindle. Once you set up the Apps, you can actually send photos directly to your iPhone. I started with this, my favorite Vegas salon, Hot Box.

Sony Store

This is Hot Box Salon, where Amber does my hair every Friday. I had a blast trying to capture it in a more artsy way for #Sony702



I was asked to take photos of my life at the office. Here are some inspiration shots we had up on a mood board, mixed with a few layouts from the next issue of Vegas magazine.

A wall in my office. I love the colors!

A wall in my office. I love the colors!


Since I am such a foodie and attend some amazing meals and events, including this tasting at Bar Masa, I always lamented that I took such terrible food photos. With my new camera and macro lens, I couldn’t stop taking pics of everything I ate. Don’t ask me what was in this cocktail, but I loved the colors in all of the dishes at this Chinese New Year party at China Poblano at Cosmopolitan.

China Poblano


To see my full set of photos, please run over to the Sony Store at Forum Shops. If you have the Shopkick app, there are two easy ways to get 250 points: by asking for an NEX demo and by scanning a barcode near my gallery. Also, if you print out the photo I posted in my Twitter feed, you can get a FREE Proforma case with the purchase of an NEX camera.

The promo ends February 17th!

Look for other Sony locations nationwide that are also participating.

Follow the Sony project by searching the hashtags #sonystore and #sony702 (other participating cities, obviously, have their own hashtags with their own area codes!). Many thanks for Sony for gifting me my NEX 5RX. All opinions are my own.


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