How I was a bad a** at the gun range

Who looks the most awkward? Yup, me. ©CraigNyman

Do you see me? Yes, I’m the one in the blue very awkwardly holding her first shot gun. Even little Swanky Dietician in the middle looks more comfortable than me. (Terissa to my left outlasted everybody — but she does have police work in her past.) I was a disaster. We rolled up to Pro Gun Club after an awesome day of off-roading, during a day of adventure organized by Galavantier. I had no idea what I was getting into. A lot of guys come to Vegas and go to the gun range, and I never got why. So today, I was going to find out. Our first stop was the shot guns, and they were every bit as awful as I expected. I had never held a gun in my life, and I was shaking all over. Then the darn thing was so heavy! You had to load it twice, shut it, and shoot at the clay disks coming in at various angles. I was so nervous that I never even got loaded up until everyone else had shot. And I didn’t want to shoot alone. So I didn’t last very long, but it was quite all right. I was just there to wrap my brain around the whole gun range thing, not to actually enjoy it.

Or so I thought.

The Pro Gun Club is outdoors, with various targets set up beforehand by the brave souls who work there. Our first gun after of the clay pigeon pen? The Uzi. I thought they were crazy. An Uzi? Isn’t that what they shoot in the movies? I almost chickened out and was one of the very last to go.



The guide told me that as long as I held my finger down, it would shoot. He wasn’t lying. (I mean, why would he?) At first, I held down for a little blip at a time. I couldn’t believe the power that came out of that thing! But the pushback wasn’t as startling as the shot gun. Still, I wanted to get it over with. Adrenaline had completely taken over my body, and I was shaking. I focused my eyes down the gun and to the target. And I held my finger down until it stopped. When I put down the gun, my entire body felt relief. I had no idea what kind of thrill and then all-body exhaustion that this experience was going to be! All I know is, at some point, someone told me I “annihilated” the target.

So that’s my gun, huh? An Uzi. I’ll take it!

The reason is simple: the Uzi was so much lighter and easier to manage. It didn’t surprise me that that’s where us girls could even the playing field a bit. In fact, women can be excellent shooters!

I did less well with the HK 40, but at least I did it. By then, I wasn’t feeling like such a failure as I did after the shot guns.

But the Pro Gun Club had one more surprise for us.

Were they kidding? Turns out, they weren’t. Every person at the other ranges had stopped what they were doing to watch our motley crew, mostly chicks at that, with the Barrett.

The bullets that we used that day, from left to right: Barrett, HK 40, Uzi. I mean, come ON. ©CraigNyman

Alex from Travelated went first. It took him a few minutes to even find the target, because it was so far away. This thing has major power! The pushback on this monster was a full foot, and we all had to wear headphones — and even then, it sounded like an airplane was crashing right on top of us. Wow.

Three of us went, not including me. I am totally fine with that.

Besides, I knew my place. I needed to stick with the lighter guns, like the Uzi.

I was a guest of Galavantier and Pro Gun Club, but all opinions are my own. Interested in having your own adventure sports day in Vegas? Galavantier is currently running a Summerlove Sweepstakes  where fans can unlock and win prize packs for “Liking” Galavantier on Facebook. 

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  1. I want to try this now !!! 😀

  2. It was quite the experience! And very unexpected!!

  3. Oh my god, that bullet is a beast! I love that you did well with the Uzi though – I didn’t realize that was a smaller gun because the name definitely sounds bad ass.

  4. this was such an awesome day!! And yes, you and the Uzi were made for each other!!

  5. An UZI?!?! Very impressed, Miss Bad Ass!!! <3

  6. That was such a blast! Well, looking back it was! At the time I was freaking out a bit.
    You were awesome!
    As Diane said, definitely a bad ass!! 🙂

  7. Actually, I think you look like a natural firing that gun. I can understand why you’d be nervous – I’ve never done that either. BTW, nice to see Terissa, too. I know her. Yep – she looks pretty comfortable with that weapon.

  8. Get it, grrrrrrl! I expect for us to replicate this on our next girls’ weekend =)

  9. You guys all look like bad asses. I’m so proud to call all of you my friends. I’ll never be scared walking down a dark alley again!

  10. I dated a guy who was really into guns. He took me to the range and I shot a shotgun and a glock. I hated it, to be honest, but I am glad I tried it!

  11. I am so glad I tried it — I didn’t get it at ALL before. But I’m not sure I’d do it again!

  12. HAHA! I prefer rifles but it has been quite a while since I’ve been shooting. Maybe next time you are in town we can go to ladies night at Red’s.

  13. You are such a bada$$. I’m impressed!

  14. Haha we can TOTALLY pretend that I’m tough enough to either go again or really call myself a bad a$$!

  15. That big one looks like a lot of fun! In fact, this looks like an awesome day out 😀

  16. Fun times….I went to the gun range once while in college. Of course, all we used was wimpy 9mm hand guns. Nothing compared to the bazookas you basically fired:)

  17. This looks awesome! I’d definitely give it a try!

  18. I’m definitely not a fan of guns in general, but I’d love to try a shooting range one day. Just to see if I’m also a bad ass with a light gun, haha.

  19. You look bad ass with the gun 😛 I actually have quite a bit of experience using various kinds of guns/rifles given my time in the Canadian reserves while going to Uni.

  20. Looks like a great time. We shot our very first gun this year as well in Hawaii. I’m like you, I didn’t see the reason for going somewhere to shoot a gun. but like you, I was surprised to like it. While I don’t think I’ll be making a habit out of shooting wherever I go, it is cool to experience it. You looked really comfortable with that uzi in your hand. Look out Rambo!

  21. Well, it’s definitely an interesting experience. I almost shoot a gun myself, at a polygon. Almost because the rebound was too powerful and I had to postpone it until after my knee gets better after the surgery and I can rely on it 🙂

  22. YES! That’s why I didn’t like the shotguns, because of the rebound.

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