Friday Five

Last week, one of my favorite travelers, Kirsten, highlighted by blog on her Friday Five feature, such an honor seeing as I had just taken a long break from writing. Her story made it extra-wonderful to be back! Kirsten also highlights some stunning photography of modern ruins, a fascinating debate on the role of women in society (geared towards us travel-minded folk), my favorite Francophile’s ode to goat cheese, and an essay in defense of the Career Break. Considering I just finished mine, I’m very much in favor of everyone taking a break to see the world!

Kirsten had such kind words for each one of these blogs, including mine. Check it out here: Friday Five

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  1. Her photos are amazing and definitely worth checking out.

  2. I was so thrilled to be in your company in Kirsten’s post. And so flattered to be included anyway!

  3. Kirsten DOES take amazing photos. Everyone should go to her site!

  4. Kirstine has nice photos as well as nice posts

  5. Agreed. Her site’s a winner. They said at TBEX’10 “ has made big, wide photos the sexiest thing your site can do”. Evidently, Kirsten listened.

    Having said that, I come by *here* to read Abby, not Kirsten. Your fans clamour for your writing!
    No pressure, of course.

  6. Will check it out right away!

  7. What … I am just now seeing that you did this. How is that possible?? Thank you SO MUCH for sharing the love and posting this. THANK YOU sweet friend!!!!!!

  8. Oh, and mucho apologies because a change on my site changed the link to that “Friday Five” you were featured in. In case people care, the correct link is

  9. Fixed!!

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