Footprints on a Deserted Beach in Panama

After running onto a stretch of deserted beach on the island of Chapera, near Contadora, Panama, my friend and I looked back and just loved that there were literally only two sets of footprints for as far as we could see! So simple, but what an experience. It was a definite “this is why I travel moment” that kicked off a wonderful morning of playing in the sand, taking in the turquoise water and basking in the searing sun. Las Vegas, I love you, but all of the champagne in the world couldn’t take the place of that perfect morning!

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  1. I didn’t spend any time on the beaches of Panama so really looking forward to hearing all about it!

  2. They are sort of a pain to get to — but worth it!

  3. sounds like a great day! And I love the pic:)

  4. Thank you, Margo. 🙂

  5. I could so use a deserted beach getaway right about now!

  6. Beautiful photo. I love the tease of the crystal blue water at the top.

  7. Thank you so much, Pete! I’m glad you like the one with just a “tease.” I spent a long time deciding how much of that perfect water to include!

  8. I would take a deserted beach over a beautiful beach any day.

  9. Me, too… definitely!

  10. Ahh, this makes me want to be laying out on a deserted beach right now. 🙂

  11. This is the reason I love the Caribbean.

  12. Great shot!

  13. I am dying…Panama is one of the places I ALMOST went this year…but couldn’t get there in the end. Oh well, hopefully someday!

  14. So simple, so good.

  15. Kindred spirits, all of us… Love!

  16. Such a serene picture.
    Cathy Trails

  17. Sigh… Isn’t it?

  18. I loved Panama way more than I expected to. In fact, it ties Costa Rica for my favorite Central American country. Just gorgeous!

  19. I love beaches that only have footprints without people. It’s mysterious and so beautiful!

  20. Awesome photos! I wish all beaches could look as good as that one does.

  21. So beautiful! I love taking random photos of the beaches that I visit, but I’ve never had as perfect as shot as this!

  22. I love this photo. It, in an instant, calms me. Beautiful!

  23. Me, too. Getting ready for work, and I’d much rather be there. 🙂

  24. Did you find 3 days was enough there? Seems like a good place to go if you’re on your way to somewhere else, or have a layover. Are there other parts of Panama you’d recommend?

  25. No, not long enough! I wanted to explore more — and get out to Bocas del Toro. But I have only so many vacation days. 🙂

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