First taste of winter in Canada

Montreal, Canada, Michael Jackson, Cirque du SoleilWhere do three media types who live in the desert go to for a small shock of winter? Canada of course! Molly Ancell, Melinda Sheckells and I headed to Montreal for the big premiere of Cirque du Soleil’s touring stadium homage, The Immortal. (For more information, including tour dates and the trailer, click here.) Thank goodness we checked the weather before we left — there were low numbers on there we hadn’t seen in a long time. (As I write this back in Vegas, our high today is 93.) We never get to wear winter hats in Vegas, so we were thrilled to don them there. Prior to this trip, I had been to Montreal once — as a teenager, when my mom dragged the family there during spring break. Because nothing says “spring break” like the winter climes of Canada… We were living in Florida at the time, and my brothers were thrilled to see snow. So there you go. It did warm up a bit this trip, but this first day, we were freezing! Winter is here!

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  1. what a great sounding getaway! Living in South Carolina, I know exactly what you mean about enjoying a “small shock of winter.” My boots and fuzzy sweaters don’t get a lot of action around here. Bet the show was great!

  2. Winter arrived here over the weekend! It dropped from 30 to 10 over night!!!! It was a big shock for everybody. Lucky for me that I brought my winter jacked to Bulgaria two weeks ago when I flew home!!!

  3. It was really fun to wear a hat — and really fun to return to warm sunshine. 🙂

  4. COLD!! Funny, when I was in high school, we went to Montreal for “spring break” … and then I went again in college during break. It’s a beautiful city! Wish I could speak French though!

  5. You know, I miss winter! I look really cute in a pea coat and a hat… sigh. 🙂

  6. This must be the equivalent of all us Canadians coming down there and complaining about the heat. September is still shorts season in Canada. Jackets aren’t allowed until at least November. Come back in January if you want a “blast of winter”, assuming the airport’s actually open.

  7. A thirty-degree drop is a thirty-degree drop! Brrrrrr….

    Emily, you look cute in anything!!

  8. In 2008, I drove up to Montreal for the weekend with Miranda, Rebecca and Liz. It was the first weekend in October — I think it might have even been October 1st. It’s a 6-hour drive due north from NYC so we weren’t expecting it to be so much colder… We were freezing all weekend! I think that I was wearing all of the clothes that I had brought with me at all times. The people who live there must be very tough! The city actually has all of these underground passageways so you don’t have to go outside. We tried to explore them but didn’t get too far. It’s a such a cool city though.

  9. That’s so funny! If you girls couldn’t hang, I feel better. Yes, everyone kept talking about all the food options underground, right near our hotel, but our schedule was so packed that I never took a look.

  10. I bet it was nice because you knew you got to come back to warm weather. 🙂 That is the only reason I enjoy visiting cold places. hehe

  11. Cute photo.

  12. Yes, winter can be “fun” when you’re coming home to sun!

  13. Just makes you enjoy the desert even more. Plus, on the shallow side, you three look adorable in your winter garb. So there is that.

  14. Except for those awful bags under my eyes, I think we look fab!

  15. You were so close! Next time come visit me please! 🙂

  16. I definitely need a longer trip to your part of the world… Maybe next August? I can’t handle your winter!!

  17. I lived in Montreal for a year and hated the winter there. Otherwise, it’s a great city…

  18. That’s what I say about NYC — and Montreal’s colder!

  19. Oh, this photo is a keeper. Y’all looks so beautiful in your winterwear. I live in a place where it gets colder early in the season as well, but I’m so used to it that I don’t really wear too much to keep warm – as in no hat or scarves for me (even in the snow).

  20. I hope you had a nice time in my freezing hometown 🙂 In the winter, it can get as cold as -35 degrees Celsius with 3 foot of snow… and we still go to work, haha.

  21. This sounds like fun! I can imagine it would be exciting to get away to somewhere cold after those high Vegas temperatures

  22. If it was that cold the first week of October, I don’t think I could handle anything much later in the year. 35 BELOW C? That’s crazy!!

  23. Winter fashion is fun for a day or two, but for the rest of the year give me heat! I think living in Vegas and taking a quick trip to Montreal would be just about the right balance for me.

  24. You know I agree! I love the fluffy ear muffs I bought on my trip, but I hope I never have to WEAR them…

  25. You’ve got to find a way to wear your winter fashions 😉

  26. Even if it’s only once a year!

  27. Felt a similar weather shock getting off the plane in London lately – lovely pic!

  28. Except those bags under my eyes oy!

  29. Yes, making fun of cold Americans is one of our favorite pastimes :). I’m assuming you learned what a toque was while you were there? (If not it’s that thing on your head 🙂

  30. Ha — no they did not tell me it was called a toque. Then what do you call chefs’ hats?!

  31. Glad you enjoyed the home of the toque and a little of the cold blast 🙂 Montreal is one of my fave cities. Great photo!!

  32. We were freezing!

  33. You guys look so cute! I have friends visiting from Germany and they said the same things. They are wearing winter hats & jackets whereas, I’m still resisting wearing socks 😉 I wouldn’t recommend visiting Canada in January. I’m already a little bit worried about my German friends and how they’re going to handle the real winter! 🙂

  34. Tell the Germans we feel their pain!! We were FREEZING!!!!

  35. Too funny! Although, I’ve been in Vegas for New Years before and froze my butt off!!

  36. Ha ha! You guys look SO cold in your picture! So fair warning: it starts to get into negative digits (celsius) in November. Montreal is at its peak in the summer. Sooo many festivals! Such an amazing little getaway. Glad you had fun! Time to look at the Cirque post. And you can comment on my blog too! I need some blog lovin’.

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