Costa Rica’s first female president!

Costa Rica has officially elected its first woman president, Laura Chinchilla!! It was a rather anticlimactic evening, as a bunch of us were dying to know the election results, but no one had a TV. So I had to run home to jump on my laptop. Needless to say, I was soon jumping all around the house with the news! (Not hard, my house is small.) Chincilla was the candidate for the ruling National Liberation Party and had been campaigning hard: cars covered with Laura paraphernalia waving huge green and white flags out the window, pamphlets, signs everywhere. She joins four other Latin American female presidents, from Argentina and Chile, and our neighbors on either side, Nicaragua and Panama. So exciting to be here during this time!

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  1. carol baras says:

    Saw it in the San Diego Paper this morning … how exciting is this !! Fabulous !!


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