Fanciest (five-star!) dog hotel in Vegas

Since I just got back from a two-week trip to Argentina, I’ve been asked numerous times about my dogs. I love that everyone is so concerned! No worries — while I was jaunting through South America, my pups were on their own vacation at a five-star Vegas dog hotel. Here they are with their little good-bye bandanas that have become a standard treat for dogs going home! (Sorry for the poor quality of the pic — they’re difficult, wiggly models at best.) They were so tired and well-behaved when I picked them up. It was a very good sign!

My boys are rescues from my time in Costa Rica, scrappy street pups that I was worried about bringing to a dog hotel. But they did just fine!

Maybe it was their private suite with little beds and a flat-screen TV that played Animal Planet and animal cartoons.

They played all day every day, according to frequent email reports that I appreciated so much. I was even told that neither had a time out even once — I was so proud! Jax, the little one, was “fine, as long as he’s in charge, definitely an alpha male,” the dog-loving manager, Heidi, told me. Chase? “So polite! Always backs away from any skirmish.” In addition to the excellent care I saw during the busy daytime hours (this dog hotel also does day-care), the dogs all have human play buddies at night, too.  So much attention is given to all of the pets!

Inside sources tell me all of the big names in town bring their precious pups here, and I can totally see why.

The LV Dog Hotel is on the west side, and if it were any closer I’d spoil Jax and Chase and let them do day-care there. I couldn’t recommend it any more.

The hotel’s web site: LV Dog Hotel

After my stay, I asked the owner if she’d send me some press photos for my blog. Enjoy!

Las Vegas, dogs, hotels

Las Vegas, dogs, hotels, animals

Las Vegas, dogs, animals, hotels

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  1. oh my… never thought there’s a hotel for dogs… their rooms look more beautiful than my hostel here in Thailand hehe… Jax and Chase are sure lucky to have been rescued by you…

  2. This is ridiculous. But maybe I am only saying that because I don’t own a dog. Your scrappy street dogs do deserve the best after their difficult childhoods in Costa Rica.

  3. ok, this shameless effort to get a free dog stay in the future better pay off! i want to stay at this place and get human playmates! jeez no one treats cats like this, they all die after they are in a kennel!

  4. LOVE a good doggie day care! 🙂

  5. Dogs can feel like family when you`re so close to them. They have emotions and personality just like humans, I know I would want to make sure they are in the best place for them when I`m away.

  6. Ohhh I love my puppies!!

    Dinah, you crack me up. Sadly, I’m out of vacation time, so it’ll be awhile before my boys see THAT place again. It’s so far from my house so I don’t do it for the weekend. Paid a dog-sitter last weekend. Four days, two male dogs, ugggh I’ve been lighting candles since I got back! Boys stink!

    Abbie — Daisy would love it. 🙂

    Flip — Don’t bring any rescues home from Thailand — you’ll be just like me!

  7. Oh my goodness, is this for real? These cute wee pooches have a better standard of life than I do!!! If you’re ever on the lookout for another pet, I’m available and house trained.

  8. Haha Ryan the dogs loove it! I loved that the whole concept is a labor of love by true dogs lovers. The “play buddies” are often the owner and her mom spending their evenings there. You’ve gotta respect that!

  9. Abby, I LOVE it! Wow, they really are treated like kings and queens. BTW, I really want to run an interview of you sometime about bringing your dogs back to the states for our new pets + travel blog.

  10. I love that your puppies had a private suite–that is so awesome. Sometimes our pets live better than we do 🙂

  11. Oh my goodness…this place really is awesome. I love that they play Animal planet and cartoons for the pups! haha.

    Your dogs are sweeties. I was telling my boyfriend the other night how they tried to cuddle with me on your sofa 🙂

  12. Wow, that is truly amazing. I feel like my dog would lose his mind in there though. He is too weird to be spoiled!

  13. Akila — I saw somewhere you were doing a pets blog. I’d LOVE to talk to you!

    Awww, Simone, they say hi! They loved having company during the day!!

    Rease and Emily — Rease, your dog would be just fine. He’s so cute! Emily, it was still very much a dog hotel, not fit for humans. 😉

  14. Aww, that place looks great. And your boys are so handsome!

  15. Thank you, Gray!!! I think they’re very handsome. 🙂

  16. Try the Dog Day Afternoon Spa Day…they have peticures, down-doggy massage, zen bubble bath, and organic pup treats.

  17. Awww I love this! This looks like the kind of place I would have sent my pugs to, had it been in my home town. And I’m a sucker for a dog in a bandana 🙂

  18. This is too cute! Your pups are adorable.

  19. those are some lucky dogs!

  20. awwww… I love it how so many hotels and inns are getting in on the dog action.

  21. So. Cute. I love this!! Wonder if I should go work there to get my dog fixes? 😉

  22. My husband would love a dog but I’m not so keen as I always think it would tie use down – but if there are great places to stay like this they’d be having a wonderful holiday at our expense.

  23. Hahaha, this is awesome. They are too cute. I took my rescue dog to a kennel one time for boarding, and every day I felt so guilty thinking about her active happy self stuffed in a tiny crate all day. Now I board her with a couple that runs boarding out of their house only for dogs under 25 lbs. So she gets to run free in and outside all day log, snuggle up with people, play with other doggies as much as she wants, and feel at home. I feel SO much better about traveling without her. My mom takes her dog to a place like the one you described–I can’t afford a place like that just yet, but I hope to be able to someday. I know what it’s like to only want the best for your furry babies 🙂

  24. I often feel like 99% of pet parenting is guilt!

    People always remark that they can’t believe I travel so much and have pets. It takes a village, but it’s possible! Leaving them behind, back on the streets, was just not going to happen… There are so many dog sitters and pet hotels out there!

  25. Doggy day cares have become huge in austin (and we even thought about it for a while) but nothing like this! Good lord! Talk about posh comfort! <3

  26. Jebus Christ! Can I come and be your pet? I’m kinda cute and my hair is super soft… when I choose to wash it haha.

  27. Wow, that’s excellent! I can’t believe how nice it looks. Amazing. That’s one of those things I shake my head and think, how Vegas.

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