Family fun in the Lapland snow

Enjoying the holidays with your family during the winter season can be an exciting time if planned well. Although there might be a number of great locations nearby, travelling to Lapland –the home of Santa Claus – is worth trying out. Majority of people that have travelled to Lapland for their annual holiday or during holiday breaks always give the destination a glowing recommendation. Planning the trip to this awesome location can become a DIY project but to ensure that every aspect of your trip is covered, it is advisable to work with a travel agency that knows the area well. They may also be able to get you great deals that will help you reduce your budget in regard to travelling to Lapland.


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When visiting Lapland, it is common to find that there are numerous activities that you and your family can engage in beyond skiing. It does not matter whether the holiday is for a short or long time period you can always enjoy the sights and activities that Lapland has to offer. Apart from exhilarating activities available at different locations in the region, it also has the best accommodation for individuals as well as groups that are looking for a memorable trip. Some of the best ways to have fun with family in the Lapland snow include:

  • Skiing

Snow filled slopes that can be seen all around the region make Lapland a sort of heaven for skiers especially when travelling with family. Downhill skiing offers a view of the slopes while having fun and is by far the best experience when in Lapland. If you are a pro skier then you can enjoy the downhill experience but first timers can be assisted by our professional instructors to ensure that they have fun but remain safe as well. If you want to enjoy sliding downhill as a family, you can rent out a snowmobile and ride them down the hill as a group.

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  • Snowmobiling

Lapland has a number of set snow tracks that allow visitors on holiday to explore the wilderness at their preferred speed. Most snow mobiles can be rented out as long as you have a license that allows you to drive. It is common to find set programs for those that want to explore different areas which ensure that you get to explore many kilometers of tracks with your family having fun. In most cases, the snowmobiling activities are charged depending on the location.

  • Dog sledding

Dog sledding is one of the best ways for your family to enjoy the breathtaking scenery of the Lapland landscape. Most trips are facilitated by guides who navigate the dogs across forested fells and frozen lakes to allow you to see untouched terrain. The trip on the dog sled gets quieter as the animals move steadily thus allowing you to relax and enjoy a serene feeling on the trip.

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  • Ice fishing

Lapland is well known for its salmon or trout fishing spots which are often accessed by snowmobiles. Most times, ice-fishing is done in a remote part of a frozen lake where a part of the ice is broken and a fishing rod lowered into the icy water. Most of these fishing trips are successful and you are likely to get a big catch that you and your family can enjoy at dinner.

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