Have you ever spotted a celeb abroad?

Beyonce performs at Cosmopolitan Las Vegas

Celebs work hard and need a break, too!

As we all know, celebrities are hardworking people: spending long days filming, keeping their image up in the public eye, and attending functions around the world (like many that you’ve seen here from my days in Las Vegas!). So even celebrities need their downtime, too – and they have plenty of extra cash to spend on it. So next time you’re on holiday, look and ask around. You just might spot a famous figure abroad, using some downtime to take in the sites, just like you are.

Sunshine.co.uk recently did a survey asking Brits: “Have you ever seen a celebrity while on holiday abroad?” The 1929 respondents were aged 18 and above, and had taken a trip abroad during the last 12 months. The response that came in was that 39%, two fifths, of us have managed to catch a glimpse of a famous person while on holiday!

It turns out that the top places to find your favourite celebrities while holidaying are fairly common destinations, including America, with 27% answering this, France at 24% and Spain at 16%.

Many actors, like Heather Graham, are spotted in America.

Many actors, like Heather Graham, are spotted in America.

Of course, not necessarily all of the celebs will be using that time to take a break of their own; many may be filming on location or keeping a business meeting in SoCal or mingling in the streets of Hollywood. The south coast of France is renowned as a high-class destination for those who want to see and be seen, whereas Spain might be the resort of choice for the younger generation of celebs looking for a good time.

The figures for the most popular type of celebrity to be spotted abroad were also collected during the survey. Apparently you’re most likely to see an actor or actress (37% of Brits abroad have done so), followed by sports stars (29%), reality TV stars (21%), singers (18%) and TV presenters (15%).

Brooke Burke makes an appearance in Vegas

TV presenter Brooke Burke spotted in Las Vegas.

Chris Clarkson, Managing Director at Sunshine, stated on the results:

“Celebrities need their holidays too and, let’s face it, they get to have more than most, so it is inevitable that some British holidaymakers will bumps into a famous face abroad every now and again. You’re probably more likely to spot a celebrity in more upmarket destinations and luxury resorts, but also if they’re filming in certain locations or away on business. Keep your eyes peeled and, you never know, you may get a signature or two!”

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