Electric Bicycles

I am a famously bad driver and have finagled ways for years to never have to get behind the wheel of my little Honda Civic, which I bought after half a decade of living in no-car-needed NYC. It now sits in my parents’ driveway, untouched. Owning a car in Costa Rica is super-expensive, so it’s the perfect excuse for me not to drive. Ever again. Alas, walking 45 minutes to yoga, the grocery store, and Spanish classes under the scorching Costa Rican sun does get old. Most people here get around on old bicycles, but I was recently introduced to the electric version. I’m quite enamored. Rather than pedaling away in the blazing heat, the electric bicycle allows its rider a smooth, reduced-sweat ride — without all of the messy paperwork and insurance required by an actual scooter. Easy and hassle-free? I’m sold!

My Spanish teacher, Patricia, just bought a spanking-new cherry red bike. She told me of an added bonus: “You can actually look around while you’re riding,” she says, “rather than staring at the ground worried about every little rock that could cause you to eat dirt.”

Need I say more?

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  1. That looks pretty funky, I should get one of those too!

  2. Right? I really want to save up and buy one!

  3. We should purchase a barrio bike and we can all use it! I wonder if we could all fit?

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