Early to rise, early to board

Kuwait International Airport - ParkingEarly morning and night flights – the bane of a traveller’s life! You might have noticed an increase in this trend, too, as more and more flight companies try and cram as many flights in to popular destinations as possible. Of course this is good for you, as it means more choice and maybe even cheaper fares, but as far as tiredness goes, it’s a recipe for bleary eyes!

To combat this, I always book airport parking with Airparks to go alongside my travel plans. This idea gives me a little longer in bed and much less stress, because having to arrive at the airport two or three hours prior to a flight is bad enough at the best of times, but when you’re having to get up at stupid o’clock to be able to get there in time, it doesn’t really start your day off in the best fashion. Driving myself to the airport means I have a little more time to get ready, and I don’t have to get up quite so early, as I would if I was catching a train or bus. As for airport taxis, these days the prices can range up to the extortionate, and I’d rather save my Euros for my holiday.

If this sounds like a good idea to you, then check out what is available at your local airport, and you’ll find services all over the country, including north of the border (plus in the US, such as JFK and LGA in New York City and Oakland near San Francisco). My friend regularly uses Glasgow Airport parking facilities, and rebooks time and time again, so she can’t have any reason to complain! This is a service that certainly won’t cost the earth either.

So you’ve saved a little time and had slightly more sleep thanks to being proactive and getting yourself to the airport, but I always find it’s a good idea to avoid the old adage of ‘I’m getting up in three hours, I’ll stay up’. This works for some people, but even lying down and resting my eyes helps me feeling slightly more refreshed when I do have to get up, usually thanks to a strong cup of coffee too!

When I arrive at the airport, leaving my car in its resting place for the duration of my break, I check in, wave goodbye to my case, crossing my fingers it will turn up in the same destination as me, and make my way through security, and then I know my holiday has started, whether I’m tired or not. If you can sleep on the plane, great, if not, then you know you’ll be in your destination soon, and you can rest as much as you like after that.

Night flights tend to be quite common in the popular Mediterranean destinations during peak summer time, but again, you might find some good deals because of this. Don’t be put off by the hassle of having to get up early, as like we talked about earlier, you have options, and getting yourself to the airport, taking your time, and trying to stay as relaxed as possible will help smooth the way.

If you can save money, do it, I say.

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