Daydream of the Week: Downtown Las Vegas

Downtown Las VegasGotta love Vegas! As a long-time local journalist, most recently at Vegas magazine for three years, I grew to love the history of my can-do town with a “That’s Entertainment” vibe. And downtown Las Vegas is like no other. I happened to be walking around Fremont Street one afternoon when this little scene made me giggle — two Elvis impersonators VERY upset over something, obviously a permit of some kind or another entertainer stealing their space. I loved that that two Elvis’s were on the same side. They marched right on over to the bike cop together, a united front. They probably should be stiff competition, and maybe they are. But whatever was going on, the almighty bike cop (ha) was as tickled as I was. When I move to San Francisco, I will miss little vignettes like this, ridiculous scenarios I will never see anywhere else. Only in Vegas would you see not one, but two, Elvis singers in full regalia doing something as precious as heatedly petitioning a bicycle cop.

Only in Vegas.


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  1. Haha only in Vegas!

  2. What a great moment you’ve captured! As you said, only in Vegas!

  3. What a fantastic and fun moment you’re showing me today Abby!
    No, not one Elvis but double-Elvi – in a dispute, no less. Wow! *laugh*

  4. Only in Vegas, indeed 🙂

  5. Somehow I think you’ll always find the eclectic, the fun and the interesting

  6. I’ve picked the right friends I guess lol!

  7. Great catch, Abby. Always something fun and unexpected in Vegas. But I think you’ll find lots to keep you interested in SF, too.

  8. Aw, yes, I assume so. Yet, feeling very sentimental about Vegas right now!

  9. Only in Vegas, right? I’m sure there will be plenty of similar eccentricities in Frisco. You’ll have more photos to show for it soon 🙂

  10. Hilarious! I love the look on the bicycle cop’s face!

  11. Only in Vegas is right. But that’s what makes it Vegas!

  12. Oh how I miss scenes like this! I lived in Vegas for 6 years but haven’t been back since about 2007, I think. My husband and I met there and the first years of our lives were spent there, so I always feel a little sentimental.

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