Daydream of the Week: Lake Las Vegas

Lake Las Vegas VillageI get such a kick out of the fact that just a few miles down the road, a Mediterranean-style village of shops and (mostly Italian) restaurants boasts a go get ’em-style spirit and idyllic plans. Yes, Celine Dion lives there when she’s performing at the Colosseum. But Lake Las Vegas once had so much more to offer! These days, it is getting back on its feet. Hotels like the Westin are putting a lot of effort into creating programs for exploring the man-made lake and surrounding areas. I was lucky enough to hit the ground on foot while doing some fun work for the esteemed AFAR travel┬ámagazine, which is based in San Francisco. Personally, it quickly added a few destinations to my Vegas bucket list: Bernard’s Bistro (Chef is beloved by all locals for not deserting his business during the rough recession), and the Italian hot spots Luna Rossa and Sunset & Vines. It turned out to be a wonderful afternoon. Someday, Lake Las Vegas will reach great heights! In the meantime, the area has awesome outdoor sports (it is also very close to my favorite adventure activities, zip-lining and off-roading in Boulder City), and is building a tight community. I can’t wait to visit several times in the next few weeks — and to see where it goes in the future!

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  1. I never knew this existed too cool!

  2. This sounds nice! We never did make it to an “off-strip” casino but maybe next time…

  3. I never knew about this!

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