A Day on the Slopes!

a day on a slopeAlthough I grew up  in Florida and lived in Costa Rica, I’ve been skiing several times – it’s a fun activity that can be enjoyed with family and friends at different places all over the world. If you are a ski enthusiast, it is likely that you have had your fair share of holidays enjoying the slopes and perfecting your skiing skills. It does not matter if you an amateur or professional, you can enjoy a day on the slopes and have an unforgettable experience all around.

Skiing apparel is also very important while planning such a trip and would involve the purchase of items such as ski blades, women’s ski jackets and appropriate shoes among others. Nevertheless, the quality of any ski trip depends largely on the location, which are usually ski towns spread worldwide. They provide visitors with inviting amenities, culture and a unique ski heritage.

Although there are a number of ski towns that one can visit for a fun time, there are some that stand out and are popular among those who enjoy skiing. These towns are diverse in what they offer and available for visitors that are looking to indulge as well as those travelling on a budget.

Here are the top 3 ski towns that should be on the wish list of any adventurous skier.

  1. Wanaka in New Zealand

This is the ideal ski town for skiing as well as snowboarding enthusiasts who want to enjoy themselves in every winter season. It is considered one of the leading adventure towns in the world, mostly because of its location which is at the shores of Lake Wanaka in New Zealand. The ski season in Wanaka is between June and October thus making it an ideal location for anyone seeking a place to ski during the summer. Its skiable terrain and 200 inches of snow per year make it a world class ski town worth visiting on a vacation. Apart from the breathtaking scenery, Wanaka also offers accommodation options such as hostels and magnificent eco-lodges for those travelling to the area.

  1. Niseko in Japan

Niseko is one of Asia’s prominent ski towns and is well known in Japan because of its consistent snow throughout the year. The town receives at least 590 inches of snowfall yearly giving skiers an opportunity to enjoy a terrain like no other. If you have never been skiing at night, you have the opportunity to do so in Niseko which provides a skiing space of 2,560 feet with stadium lights all around. In addition, nighttime skiing is popular in the area because of the presence of birch forests which offer the best shelter for skiers and snowboarders. When skiing at night, it is important for women to invest in a waterproof women ski jacket to keep warm while having fun. Furthermore, the area is also made up of four resorts that are interconnected making it easy for visitors to move from one location to another.

  1. Telluride in Colorado

Colorado is a ski resort town that is famous all over the world with locations such as Telluride leading the pack. It is an ideal location for skiers that love the mountain life whether they are beginners or excellent cruisers. Wearing a women’s ski jacket while exploring the terrain in Telluride, keeps you warm when riding on a gondola from the towns’ edge back up to the ski area which is filled with scenic beauty. Furthermore, the ski town has earned a reputation of having steep as well as bumps that can take skiers to every corner that is covered by the resort. It is an ideal location for expert skiers that would like to hike to extreme in-bounds such as the Palmyra Peak as well as the Black Iron Bowl.

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  1. Niseko is so sick, it just snows there constantly for much of the winter, due to a constant flow of precipitation off the Sea of Japan. Like Buffalo’s snow storm, except over and over again all winter!

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