Costa Rica coffee yum

Costa Rica coffee is some of the most renowned in the world. I have never returned from a trip there without 1820 and Cafe Britt in my suitcase for somebody — I’ve even twice mailed it to strangers (aka online travel friends) who had a craving for it! Me? I don’t drink coffee. I have enough problems turning off my brain to sleep at night without adding caffeine to the mix. While I was living in Spain during college, I was in a (ten-year) “no red meat” phase, and during my year in Costa Rica, I didn’t drink coffee. Sigh. Well, during my recent trip, my friends (locals) drank enough coffee for me.

This cup of joe comes courtesy of Congo, at Pacifico, in my old stomping grounds of Coco.

It made me laugh, because while the drinker, Lisa, was sipping piping hot coffee in the heat of the tropics, was the idea that maybe this splash of limon on top made it “refreshing”?

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  1. Love the info and the gorgeous photo! Too bad you don’t drink it though – I’m always writing and photographing things I’m (supposedly) not consuming.

  2. Yes, all of my weaknesses are the fattening kind haha.

  3. A little limon to refresh? Nice! I am going to have to try that!!

  4. You should move to Italy and have a “no pasta” stage.
    I don’t drink coffee either, but I have to say that the drink looks good. Must be the photography!

  5. It was so pretty I had to take a picture!

  6. Unfortunately I can’t drink too much coffee, actually not more than one per day, but I like it so much. I would love to try the different versions Costa Rica has to offer 🙂

  7. I hear you! I actually love the smell of coffee and the presentation… But the caffeine is too much. 🙁

  8. What’s that green garnish on top? Looks delicious!!

  9. I am going for a cup of this tomorrow. I see the photo and now I’m craving a cup – it is so good!

  10. What a cool idea to put limon on top! I never would’ve thought of such a thing. 🙂


  12. Andrea, it’s lime (there are no lemons in Costa Rica). They use ’em in everything — apparently even on coffee, apparently!

    Lisa, I miss you!! I wish I could join you!

  13. Looks yummy! 🙂

  14. I cannot believe you did not drink coffee when you lived in Costa Rica! I so miss good coffee 🙁

  15. I remember coffee in Costa Rica. Mmmm… (didn’t try it with lime, though – looks pretty)

  16. Great post. I love the photo. It’s making me want some coffee right now!

  17. I want one now! Serious.

  18. So happy you all thought it was as pretty and appealing as I did!

  19. Looks like “yum” to me — tropics or anywhere.

  20. Good point!

  21. You know I understand you, living in Argentina and not eating cows or pigs!

  22. Yum! I bet that would be delicious with many latin american (or even eastern african) coffees – something with bright citrus notes.

    Boy, that makes me sound like a real coffee snob! 🙂

  23. I enjoy coffee at Congo, whether it’s for breakfast or during the day.

  24. I love hearing from people in Coco!!

    Caanan, you crack me up… “bright citrus notes” sounds so tropical and fun!

  25. Ooh! I loved Congo – we spent a lot of time there working! NOM NOM NOM

  26. That looks decadent 🙂

  27. Doesn’t it?! And it’s “just” coffee!!

  28. Coffee and lemon does not sound good to me! I have heard however from other people (one a Cuban, the rest Chileans) who think that drinking hot coffee on a hot day will make you feel cool by comparison, but it just doesn’t work for me, I end up totally overheating.

  29. I only started drinking coffee when I began traveling. Now I love to taste the beans that I come upon around the world.

  30. We coffee addicts have to have our fix, hot or cold (er, either the weather or the coffee, come to think!). In the Canary Islands they make Café Leche Leche – the second leche being condensed milk – so it’s like coffee with dulce de leche! And they add a twist of lemon to “detract” from the sweetness! Go figure! It’s delicious though.

  31. Really appreciate the admiration you have for Costa Rican coffee. I produce outstanding coffee that is very non-commercial, coffee that has been processed by hand and dried under the sun for 7 days, very different from Britt, the coffee that you mentioned.

  32. So good to hear from you! I wanted to make it to a coffee plantation… Next time?

  33. Lisa, if you are still in Costa Rica, get in touch with me and i will have you visit our farm, we start to harvest in one week, on the 26th of december.

  34. Obviously I need to visit Costa Rica, since I’m at least 70% coffee nowadays. (yes, all the water in my body has been replaced with coffee. Feels good, frankly).

    I’m not sure what that stuff is doing on the top of it, though. Or in it. Coffee is meant to be as black as the soul of Voldemort and twice as deadly. It’s meant to be experienced the same way as being trampled by a herd of enraged elephants. That’s coffee.

    Wait – you guys *enjoy* it?

    I’m not sure coffee is meant to be enjoyed.

    It *is*? Oh.

    Well I never.

  35. That comment was brought to you by, you guessed it, too much coffee.

  36. OMG, I *LOVE* Cafe Britt! Last time we were in Costa Rica I bought some of their dark chocolate covered espresso beans, and I literally rationed them for a year because I wanted them to last. Never had their coffee with limon before, though.

  37. That lime looks fabulous and sounds horrible. Haha. I started to drink coffee when I had to cancel my internet and therefore had to hang out at a lot of Starbucks.

    I hope you don’t follow Steve’s advice. A no-pasta rule sounds terrible, espeically in Italy!

  38. I really miss good coffee. I am one of those people that can drink coffee no matter what environment I am in…. no limon required!

  39. Looks delicious. What is the green stuff on top?

  40. Oh my! I can smell it, I can feel the foam… then I open my eyes and poof! it’s not here. 🙁

  41. “Black as Voldemort” haha… It’s lime on the top!! Everything about it is delicious!!

  42. I loved the coffee in Costa Rica…you’re totally making me want to go back!!

  43. I don’t really love to drink coffee, I prefer hot chocolate, but sometime I drink coffee too. And this pic made me want to try this coffee.

  44. Never would have thought of lemon and coffee, but it does make the coffee look more refreshing 🙂

  45. Refreshing?!? Lol. I’ve been to the Alps and Tahoe, but never been on skis. And, I’m with you about not drinking coffee. Caffeine from coffee makes me seem more wired than a 5yo with a sugar high!

  46. We get some pretty decent coffee here in Seattle, but I loved the coffee in Costa Rica. We normally didn’t get the frothy topped versions, but I really like how it seemed customary to go with half warm milk and half coffee.

  47. That limon on top looks great! I had never thought of that, and will have to try it out!

  48. Next time you are down here, you should try some Cafe Volio. I gotta try the limon on top, thanks for the tip!

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