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Costa Rica River RaftingAs you guys know, I often feel like I left my heart in Costa Rica, where I lived for a year before moving back to Las Vegas for work. While there, I lived a quiet life in a very small town. But since there is so much else to do there, I wanted to write more of the country’s amazing adventure activities! The Central American country is one of the most spectacular places on earth. Each and every inch of Costa Rica is tailor-made to satisfy the holiday craves of its lucky visitors. I’ll be headed down again soon, so I’ve put together a list of excursions I’m planning to take. See you there?


Costa Rica is a wonderland of breathtaking landscapes, including the Arenal volcano, just a few hours from where I used to live. Tourists are drawn to the red neon light that reaches the sky from the red glow of lava in the evenings. The volcano is one of the most active volcanoes of the world and its near-perfect cone shape is magnificent to see.

Rainforest Hikes

The magnetic attraction of the natural wonders of Costa Rica is irresistible, and the tourists can’t help but go for the various rainforest hiking tours and lose themselves in the wildernesses. Rio Celeste & Tenorio Volcano rainforest is one such place where you can take a guided tour and uncover different kinds of flora and fauna of the region. The tour takes you to picturesque waterfall, hot springs, hanging bridges, and you can view amazing colors of life.

Buena Vista is another place that exhibits the glory of nature at its best. The walkways of the canopy tour are great ways for exploration, the high hanging bridges give you a fantastic panoramic view of the scenic beauty littered around, and you can spot countless exotic birds and wildlife. Then there is a waterslide, zip line, and well trodden pathways for exploring the region. Then to heal your bodily stresses, there are hot water springs and mud baths you can soak yourself with. You can opt for horseback rides or tractor carts for moving around.

Adventure Tours

Big bang in small packages – that is what Costa Rica is all about!

Zip Lines

Costa Rica has taken the concept of zip lining on a more dedicated note, hence the many canopy tours in seemingly every major town. Visitors can spend the whole day flying over the wire exploring the hidden wealth of the rainforest. Along with the zip lines, there are many aerial tram tours as well, which offer a great bird’s eye view of the greenery down below.

Water Tour

Exploring Costa Rica over the waters is another delightful activity. There are various tour packages you can choose from, like taking a rafting trip that takes you on a rollercoaster ride over the waves, or you can go for kayaking and snorkeling.

There are countless other entertaining adventures to go for, like the wildlife reserve tours, and marine tours that take you to the deep blue seas to get up-close with the marine creatures, and explore the amazing beauty all around.

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