I’m a Cosmo NYE Groupie

Cosmopolitan Las Vegas Beyonce

Happy New Year, everybody! I’m checking into the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas soon and signing off for a few days for a mini-vacation before diving right back into my pesky workaholism on January 2. Call me a Cosmo groupie — this is the third year in a row I’m celebrating New Year’s Eve with them. Thinking back to the hotel’s very first year, 2010, I realized I never posted my very favorite picture from the party. Its grand opening/New Year’s Eve bash made headlines all over the globe. The headliners: Jay-Z and Coldplay, on one stage. But in the end, everyone from Florence and the Machine, John Mayer, and Rihanna had a moment in the spotlight. It was an intimate affair overall, and one I will never forget. Even between the endless champagne, caviar and parade of celebrity attendees (from J Lo to Cameron Diaz), the most special part of the whole thing was really the excitement in the air. I’ll never forget it! But something I had forgotten — this stunning photo of Beyonce, who came out to count down with her husband. The crowd went into a frenzy! They kept the party small enough that during the concert, anyone could get this close at any time. Beyonce looked happy enough for us all.

Happy New Year, friends!

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  1. What a fantastic memory!! 🙂 Hope you have an absolutely wonderful NYE. 🙂

  2. HAVE FUN!!! enjoy your mini-VaCa and Happy new year!

  3. Hi Abby!

    I was preparing something special for tonight when I took a break and look at your great blog! This year I’m the “official assistant of the chef (Mom)”!!
    I’m going to celebrate with all my family here in Tuscany!!

    I wish that everyone of your dreams come true!

    Happy New Year!!!!!!

    Kind regards,

  4. That’s quite the NYE party!

  5. Happy New Year, Abby!
    I think it will be a fabulous 2013 for you!! 🙂 And maybe some new (and scary) adventures for us too! 😉

  6. That’s Resolution if I ever heard one — to even bigger adventures! (Is that possible?!)

  7. Happy New Year Abby!!!

  8. SO funny: I was just watching Beyonce videos all day. Amazing! I remember that NYE party because it was so publicized. I know Kaskade was at Marquee on the 30th. Did you go? So jealous he has a monthly residency there. That’s where all my cash would go! Sounds like it was an amaazing 2012 for you and hopefully, we can finally reconnect in 2013 (ahem, TBEX is in Toronto this year. No excuses!).

  9. That sounds amazing! Hope your NYE was awesome!

  10. Happy New Year, Lindsay!!

  11. Happy New Year gorgeous!!!!!!

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