Dinner with Coco Austin: Welcome to Vegas!

Coco Austin and I outside of her Peepshow theater.

Coco Austin and I outside of her Peepshow theater.

Deadline week at the magazine (no sleep for the weary!), but I’ll get back to my San Francisco and Napa trip soon. In the meantime, I managed to squeeze in dinner with my favorite new Vegas import, Coco, who in some circles is known as “the nicest celebrity ever.” I was dying to meet her because in addition to my continued fascination with anything to do with live theater, like me, Coco moved to Albuquerque as a teenager — and then left right after high school. (I always wondered where she went to high school. Turns out, she went to Montessori school and was then home-schooled.) Interestingly, she lived in Vegas for a time before she met Ice… Twelve years later, the happy couple, stars of E!’s hit reality show Ice Loves Coco, are splitting their time between NYC, where Ice shoots Law & Order: SVU, and Vegas, where Coco is headlining in Peepshow, at Planet Hollywood. Coco told me that when Ice was on break from SVU, he spent three weeks in Vegas and went to his wife every single night! True love… They sound adorable! I went to opening night, and it was fantastic. This girl can dance, and the rest of the cast puts on a great show with some creative choreography.

Welcome (back) to Vegas, Coco!

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  1. I love that pic of you two, too cute!!!!

  2. i love coco!

  3. Always good to hear about a truly nice celebrity. That really is a cute pic of you two.

  4. Right? She was the sweetest!

  5. He attended each show? Sounds like a great partner.

  6. It sounds like you had a lot of fun.

  7. I love Crazy Horse, I bet the PeepShow is great! You meet very interesting people!


  9. You meet the most interesting people! I have to admit that I’m changing my preconceived notions of her after seeing a few episodes of Ice Loves Coco…although I’d still love to see her tone down the over the top plastic-y sex appeal, it seems like she’s a caring, real person.

  10. Love this!!!!

  11. Cool stuff…yes, we watch the show so I know wayy more than any person should about her prep for the show. Awesome that you got to meet her.

  12. That’s such a cute photo! I love hearing GOOD celebrity stories too. I’ve added “see Peepshow” to my to-do list the next time I’m in Vegas! xo

  13. So nice to hear how romantic and in-love Ice must be.

  14. You always look great in these pictures Abby, sounds very glamorous!

  15. Her life is “a bit” more glamorous than mine!

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