Chasing the Northern Lights

I’ve always been fascinated by the Northern Lights, one of the most spectacular natural phenomenons in the world, which happens in the Lapland and Arctic region. Catching a glimpse of them is considered a stroke of luck, as there are a number of conditions that have to be in sync for visitors to see them in their full glory. A friend of mine just got back from Antarctica, sparking a lively discussion. It turns out, for the best chance of viewing the Northern Lights, it is important to be within a band that encircles the arctic, popularly known as Aurora Zone.Blue Zone Image courtesy of Flickr

Furthermore, the best time to plan a trip to this Aurora Zone should be between the months of September and April when lights are more visible.

Fortunately, there are travel companies that offer exclusive trips to destinations that give visitors to the area an opportunity to see the Northern Lights. These tour operators have expert guides that are able to plan a trip to the arctic and use their expertise to ensure that tourists get a chance to see the exceptional lights. Holidays to the Aurora Zone are offered in a hunting package that includes suitable winter clothing, dedicated hunting of Northern Lights, aurora alerts, travelling with local experts as well as local guides. In addition, visitors get to engage in various Nordic activities which include dog sledding among others. They also arrange for accommodation, flights as well as transfers on behalf of their clients. The perfectly designed holidays target tourists that are eighteen years and above, who have an interest in travelling to particular destinations to see the Northern Lights.
A Lappish Night

 Image courtesy of The Aurora Zone

Since the best time to view the famous Northern Lights lies between 9pm to 1am, majority of the safaris take place at night to increase chances of seeing the lights. Most times, the displays of the lights vary in intensity with the first light being a stationary glow or even an arch before exploding into a marvelous show in the sky. The tour operators that have experience in hunting the Northern Lights know the greatest view points to ensure that visitors are able to see the lights clearly and even take photographs. In most cases, the holiday destinations for those seeking a glimpse of the lights within the Aurora Zone are in the rural areas. These areas are far off from the glare that is common in towns which makes the view of the Northern Lights in intense darkness much more splendid. In addition, the destinations make it easier for visitors to the area to easily step out of their accommodation spaces and gaze at the sky at night when the lights are easy to spot.

For a fruitful northern lights holiday, it is advisable to work with tour operators that are conversant with various northern destinations that offer a spectacular view of the Northern Lights. It does not matter if you are planning a family trip or your honeymoon the experts on their team will provide the best package for your holiday. Getting to experience the great display of lights across the sky at night is a once in a lifetime experience that is made possible by these travel companies.

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