Celebrating Latin America — my first ebook!

It wasn’t until I got involved with the inspiring travel online community that I read my first ebook. Honestly, I wasn’t sure what the point was. Now? I read every one I get my hands on! Having been through the print book process twice (I have no doubt I’ll end up writing a book — someday), I know first-hand how difficult it is to get a publishing house to gamble on a new author. So I absolutely love the fact that more and more writers are taking it upon themselves to put in the grueling hours to put together their own ebook. They’re fresh and exciting and fun to read, covering topics like photography, stunts and, of course, travel.

So when Steven Roll, of Travel Ojos, asked me write a story for his first e-book: Celebrating Latin America at Ground Level, I jumped at the opportunity. I was thrilled and honored! The collection of tales from 29 expats and travel writers cover just about every imaginable aspect of life in Latin America, from food and drink to working and speaking (or trying to) a new language.

I mulled over several ideas when deciding what story to include in the book, but I ended up using an edited form of my signature piece, Meet Mario. There’s just no arguing that my year in Costa Rica could be summed up by getting robbed by my neighbor — and then catching him the next morning, chilling with a newspaper and wearing my women’s sneakers. I write about how that taught me the meaning of the country’s favorite phrase, “pura vida.”

The e-book is free–just click: Celebrating Latin America at Ground Level to download a copy of your own–absolutely no strings attached!

Here’s a list of my fellow Latin American writers. Check out their blogs — every single one is fantastic!

Laura Quinn (Lonely Girl Travels ) Travel
Ernest White (Fly Brother) Travel
Nelly McLaughlin (Cancún Canuck) Mexico
David Miller (MatadorOperating on Stoke) Patagonia
Conner Gorry (Here is Havana) Cuba
Eileen Smith (Bearshapedsphere), Chile & Travel in general
Ayngelina Brogan (Bacon is Magic) Latin America
Nicholas Gill (New World Review) Travel
Carlo Alcos (MatadorVagabonderz) Travel
Steven Roll (Travel Ojos ) Mexico
Jim Johnston (Mexico City DF and Live on Arrival) Mexico
Rebecca Smith Hurd (All About Puebla) Mexico
Mark Francis (Guate Living) Guatemala
Katie Alley (Seashells & Sunflowers) Argentina
Ben Box (South American Handbook)
Vicky Baker (Going Local Travel) Argentina
David Lee (Medellin Living) Colombia
Holly Elizabeth Worton (Ecohotelology) Sustainability, Travel, Latin America
Nora Walsh (Travel Ojos contributor) Latin America
Genny Ross-Barons (Roatan Vortex) Honduras
Leigh Shulman (The Future is Red) Travel
Margaret Snook (Cachando Chile) Chile
Cathy Brown (Expat Daily News in Central and South America)
Tracy L. Barnett (The Road Less Traveled) Travel
Jessie Kwak (Unpaved South America) South America
Mark Chesnut (Latin Flyer), Travel
Julie Schwietert Collazo (MatadorCollazo Projects) Americas
Jill Greenberg (First World White Girl )

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I'm a life-long travel junkie journalist who works hard to find adventure in everyday life after two years of travel and expat living.

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  1. I had heard of this e-book, but didn’t realize that you were in it, too – congrats!

  2. Just read it in it’s entirety. I’m in love and am SO ready for our trip.

  3. Thanks, Abbie, it was super-fun! I want to check out all of the writers’ blogs, too. There were some new faces for me!

    I’m so excited for your trip, Erica!! And yay — I hope it got you in the mood. I love reading it for a trip down memory lane…

  4. How exciting sweetheart!!! I downloaded it last week and look forward to reading it SOON. Felicidades!!!!!!!!!

  5. Yay! That is great! Headed over now to take a look 🙂

  6. congratulations on the ebook, i am reading it right now

  7. This was my first e-book too and so much fun. It was really cool to see so many other travel bloggers in Latin America.

  8. Thank you guys so much for reading it!! I hadn’t read any of the other essays before it came out and really loved all of them. Steven did such a great job — it was so much work. I was so honored to be included with some of those amazing writers — including Ayngelina!

  9. Looking forward to reading it!

  10. Congrats!! They couldn’t have picked a better person to contribute.

  11. Natalie T. says:

    Congrats Abby! Looks like a great compilation.

  12. Congrats! South America is my favorite!

  13. Congrats Abby!!! I’ll have to download the ebook and check it out!

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