Hot off the presses: Vegas in Vegas, with Michael Chiklis

Vegas magazineAny Michael Chiklis fans out there? He can count a huge one right here, especially after he recently came to my rescue. I mean, what’s an editor to do in order to follow up the biggest issue of her career — with the indomitable Celine Dion on the cover, and the ever-important “September issue” at that. And top it off, at Vegas magazine, October is our men’s issue, sometimes a challenge for a girly girl like me. Luckily, CBS came swooped in with a new show, aptly titled Vegas, starring the notorious “tough guy” actor Michael Chiklis. I couldn’t think of anyone better for my men’s issue.

But I do admit, I had some concerns.

My biggest worry? While Michael dominates every role he plays, from Detective Vic Mackey in The Shield, to The Thing in Fantastic Four… How were his modeling skills? I decided to put his gorgeous Vegas costar Carrie-Anne Moss (Trinity!) on with him. In the end: Not only did the camera love Michael, but his gangster look (he plays the fictional Vincent Savino) suited stunning Carrie-Anne, in floor-length gowns (on the cover: Carolina Herrera), perfectly.

After an informal poll on my Facebook fan page, I learned that not many people know the story of the real-life Ralph Lamb (played by Dennis Quaid) who the show is based on. Still a Vegas resident at the tender age of 85 (his family has been here for generations), the rough-and-tumble Ralph was a no-nonsense rancher when Nevada was still very much the Wild West — before becoming one of the most famous Sin City sheriffs of all time, elected in 1960.

Vegas Magazine

My favorite time of the month: when my stack of Vegas magazines arrives.

“I hate to take the glory for something I was getting paid for. I was elected, and I did what the people wanted me to do.” — Ralph Lamb, in Vegas magazine

Pretty humble stuff from someone who was never known for his humility — rather, his ruthless ways of getting the bad guys: “I remember on one occasion chasing a guy in an airplane; we chased him till he ran out of gas and made him land just north of the Las Vegas air terminal. He had 12 sacks of marijuana.”

For more on the historical aspects of the show, please see the print edition of the issue. Or, check out our online version for our fun interviews with the stars: Michael and Carrie-Anne (as well as some behind-the-scenes footage from our shoot)!

Vegas magazine

My least favorite time of the month: when Emma ruthlessly tears down my wall!

As I’ve mentioned before, I get so attached to every issue as it comes out, after building it page by page in many rounds of editing, before being put together like a puzzle on my “wall.”

Now go watch the show (Vegas on CBS Tuesday nights) — it’s GREAT!

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  1. What a beautiful cover! And fascinating story – I love learning the background of the main character. I can’t wait to watch the show now!

  2. Right? I’m still hoping to meet Ralph!

  3. How is his modeling skills? Looks to me like its IMPECCABLE! I love his pose. And Carrie Ann is a great, accessory, too. You always do a great job.

  4. You are so freaking impressive!

  5. Carrie-Anne can do no wrong, and Michael’s eyes jump off the page. Those two are truly amazing!

  6. Good Job Abby… I have no idea how you are keeping up with your fast paced life… and you still have time to blog!!

  7. I never really think about the history of Las Vegas or the people who saw it change to what it is today, he sounds like a guy who has been through a lot.

  8. Interesting read Abby!

  9. Fantastic cover!!! I’m a Michael Chiklis fan too – and he’s rocking this look. Way to go!!! 🙂

  10. I love him!! And I LOVE him as a gangster… I’m so glad you like it!

  11. Nice! I’ve never seen the show, so I actually have no idea who either of these is =)

  12. Love the show and my little Emma! 😉

  13. You really, really, really have one of the coolest jobs ever, don’t ya?
    Ole Mike is kinda smexy, just sayin’…

  14. He looks amazing in his photos!! And… I only blog about the good stuff. 😉

  15. Gotta check out Vegas. love your “wall.”

  16. How freaking awesome is that – seeing your magazine come out like that. You must be so proud!

  17. Clearly I need to rush and grab one of these little beauties. I would say he’s a pretty good follow up 🙂

  18. I love these looks into your daily life. I know for you it’s just work, but to me it all sounds so glam!

  19. I love these little peeks into “magazine world.” How fun!

  20. I’m glad you girls like it — let me know when it stops being interesting lol.

  21. I love these behind the scenes looks at your work. Great job on the October cover. Chiklis and Moss look fabulous.

  22. Thank you, Cathy! It all worked out. It was a stressful time though lol.

  23. Now I feel seriously out of touch because I do not have a clue who this bloke is! 🙁

  24. Seriously Abby – you’re life is so awesome 😀

  25. He was famous in the US, Natalie, for The Shield and Fantastic Four. Neither of which I had seen!

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