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It’s funny: I’m told all the time by various friends that I’m the only person they know who took a long-term break to travel. But there are so many of us! And a lot of us meet online. One of my favorite such career-breaking pals is Spencer Spellman, of The Traveling Philosopher fame. Get this — he lands in Playas del Coco, where I spent a year before moving back to Las Vegas to work, this very day! I’m not kidding. Before he left, he wrote a moving post on why he suddenly needed a Big Change. He rightly states that he feels his career break is more of a life break — it’s so true. His post may or may not include a big ‘ol cameo by… moi. Enjoy!

Click here to read Spencer’s post, Career Break? More of a Life Break – Part I

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  1. Andddddd I’m in Coco, Costa Rica! Thanks Abby for this write-up. Now that I’m here, it continues to affirm how great of a decision this was!

  2. I’m just gonna declare right now that I will be the next one of our little twitter group to do this. Maybe not Coco (though the two of you make me think twice) but definitely somewhere. Preferably with a beach. Big ups to you both for inspiring me so hugely!!!

  3. It’s certainly feasible. After ridding myself of my car, car insurance, and so on, you can really live pretty well in places like Latin America and East Asia with little overhead. Costa Rica is a little more expensive than some Cen. America countries, but still you can live pretty well without having to live on a full-time salary or what not.

  4. I think it’s awesome that he ended up in Coco! It’s just a shame you are still there, Abby, to share in the rum (or tequila) drinking lol

  5. I think I really need one of these…

  6. Let me know when you’re ready! I’ll be your biggest cheerleader!

  7. What a beautiful quote, Abby! I feel like that could be your website bio. Can’t wait to read what’s next for you as you embark on your 2.0 odyssey!

    “I now feel like I can handle anything — and that’s true. But I feel like WE can handle anything…” Yes and yes!!!

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