Uninterrupted Bliss in the Caicos Islands

Caicos Islands


Travellers lucky enough to visit the Caicos Islands will undoubtedly tell you about breathtaking beaches, turquoise waters and incredible sea life. Some of the greatest diving holidays can be enjoyed in this much maligned area just 50 miles south of the Bahamas. With Mirus Journeys, you’ll be able to enjoy not just the best sea life and beach experiences but a stay in a luxury resort to match.

Enjoy a stay at Parrot Cay by COMO, an award-winning luxury resort set on a private island and a great way to see the Caicos Islands. If you are wishing to experience a truly cut-off and secluded beautiful island, Parrot Bay is for you: no cars, pollution or busy populace interrupting the pristine white beaches and vast, calm ocean. This place is the perfect antidote for anyone wishing to escape from the day-today realities of every day urban and working life, as you’ll instantly relax as soon as you feel the atmosphere and ambience of this truly beautiful island. The accommodation itself offers a range of rooms and suites, and there are six privately owned villas. Adding to the pleasure of this beautiful island even more are the 24-hour butlers who are at your disposal.

A short buggy ride from your door is an outcrop concealing curls of private sandy beaches, known as Rocky Point.  The sea surrounding the island will delight all beach enthusiasts, and this particular area is mind-blowing. The sea is warm and clear and teems with wildlife. There are no crashing waves, only a gentle and calm ocean bringing in a complete air of serenity.

The tropical paradise across this region is made up of eight large islands and clusters of smaller islands that are mainly uninhabited. There is a coral reef formation present within the islands that stretches for more than 200 miles. Divers and snorkelers can experience first-hand its sheer beauty and explore a host of marine wild life, taking in reef sharks and eagle rays. There are historic towns and villages that have not lost their original beauty and remain timeless is this beautiful land.  The islands offer something for everyone with world-class spas and resorts. If you wish to unwind, visit one of the many exclusive areas and re-charge those batteries.

Set off to one of the world’s most beautiful spots and surround yourself with beauty and an exotic paradise island experience.  With Mirus Journeys, you are guaranteed an exceptional holiday experience that can be tailored to your needs.

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