They Deal Things Differently Around Here: A World Casino Experience

BellagioThere are very few people that wouldn’t want to travel the world and visit the sights and sounds of another nation that is completely alien, where water goes down the sink the other way and finding a spider on your plate is considered a delicacy.

Of course, crossing off the likes of the Great Wall of China, Machu Picchu, and the Eiffel Tower are a must, but have you ever considered the wonderful world of gambling culture?

A worldwide trip is likely to sample destinations such as China, France, and the US, and you may be surprised by just how differently they deal things casino games from country to country. Like food, you’re dished out an array of different delights; it’s just a matter of pulling yourself away from the tourist traps and finding them.

You’ll find a unique experience in every city, and we know just the hotspots you need to touch down in…

StripLas Vegas

Of course there’s only one place to start: Sin City itself, Las Vegas. Built entirely for the purposes of gambling, the city has 72 casinos with the Strip being the main focal point. Down the Strip you’ll come across some of the largest casinos in the world coupled with huge shopping malls, hundreds of restaurants, and shows from entertainment’s biggest stars.

It all rolls into one here. A day on the tables is capped off with an evening of Elton John. You tip everyone you see, and if you don’t eat at one of the amazing sushi restaurants or at one of the infamous buffets, you haven’t discovered the city properly.

It’s a city of indulgence. The city of indulgence, unlike anywhere else.

Touching down at McCarran, you’ll land in a whole different culture, where the most important thing is to remember your tipping, because it can certainly get you places on the Strip. Known as the $20 sandwich, slip the person at the front desk a $20 bill when checking into your hotel, and ask if there are any complimentary upgrades. You just might find yourself in a penthouse suite overlooking one of the most magnificent sights in the world.

The same applies to croupiers; it’s custom to tip your dealer, although if you’re on a huge losing streak, it’s understood you may not be in an overly generous mood. Tipping around $5 an hour is seen as standard, but do be more generous if you come out rolling in cash by the end of a session.


The bright lights of Vegas couldn’t be any further away from the sophistication and style of London’s Mayfair casinos.

In London, you won’t find Donny & Marie or Shania Twain blasting onto the casino floors while overweight tourists drink Coors from a yard. Instead you’ll find some of the UK’s elite chatting about today’s Financial Times and sipping champagne or a Bowmore 25.

The British capital has some of the finest casinos on the planet with Crockfords and The Ritz steeped in both history and glamour. They offer a very different culture from Vegas and Macau, where black tie is a must and in some cases you may even need to be a member.

The role of the croupier is completely different, being less chatty and a more disciplined dealer. Of course the job of casino croupiers job is to simply deal cards, but in high end casinos they must remain professional, smart, and welcoming beyond all else. Don’t expect a conversation about the Raiders like you would in Vegas, nor should you be expected to tip. While welcome, tipping in Britain only became legal in casinos around a decade ago and even today you aren’t expected to do so. If you’re on a hot streak though, it’d be rude not to.

The same applies to cuisine. At The Ritz, the eight ounce burgers are swapped for Foie Gras and grilled veal, with Michelin starred chefs creating menus that match any restaurant in town.

Monte CarloMonte Carlo

Opulence continues across the English Channel and down towards the south of France in Monte Carlo. The Monte Carlo Casino is perhaps the most iconic casinos in one of the most glamourous destinations in the world.

Where London buses will speed down Park Lane, splashing passers-by in the damp British weather, you’ll find Lamborghinis, Porsches, and Aston Martins lining up outside waiting for the valet to park the car. Once inside, gamblers drink champagne and eat caviar, and just know there’s no finer casino to be in.

The casino is the definition of prestige, along with the food, drink, and staff to boot. Post-8pm jackets are required, while the croupiers look nothing short of James Bond. And they’d know. The Monte Carlo Casino has been featured in Casino RoyaleNever Say Never Again, and GoldenEye, so the bar staff are probably well equipped to whip up a cocktail or two. Shaken, not stirred of course.

The culture of Monte Carlo is very much the same as France. Unlike in the US, service charges in the vast amount of seafood restaurants that lie around the harbor and in the casino are added to the bill – although with the huge amount of wealth in the tax haven, people will often tip a little extra.

Where Vegas is a place of indulgence, Monte Carlo looks after the finer things in life, and is most certainly the most stylish place in the world to play your cards.


Building itself a reputation as the Vegas of the East, Macau is a truly unique place combining the mesmerizing neon resorts with touches of old European colonialism.

Vegas icons like the Wynn and the MGM have made the journey east to build grand casinos in the Special Administrative Region of China. In terms of betting culture, it lays very much the same as its brother in Nevada.

However, while tipping is not mandatory – nor is it in Vegas, just frowned upon if you don’t – a croupier will usually keep 10% of your winnings, although if not a tip is customary.

That continues in the many restaurants frequenting the huge resorts too. Cuisine is well and truly diverse in the city with plenty of Chinese food alongside Mediterranean, steak, and French by some of the world’s top chefs.

Entertainment of course comes along with your time in the casino, with major pop artists landing in the city on a weekly basis as well as world title boxing from names such as Manny Pacquiao, Chris Algieri, and Chinese golden boy Zou Shiming, who has found home in the city.


Of course, wherever you find the perfect place to gamble, let’s hope you’re dealt a good hand and a big pot!

Long Haul Flying: The long way around …

the long way aroundLong haul flying isn’t much fun. There’s no way to dress it up as one of the most enjoyable things you’ll ever do in your life, however once you land, the destination you’re visiting will probably be full of the most fun things you’ll ever do in your life, so I guess you could say it’s a bit of a trade-off; good for bad.


Calling long haul flights bad is probably a little unfair, because airlines these days are doing all they can to make the whole process less stressful and laborious, by throwing in extra leg room, quality on-board entertainment, and good food too, but nothing can take away the fact that long haul flying is tiring.


There are a few ways to make that journey a little easier, and in my opinion, if you can enhance your travel time, you should do it!


Airport Hotels

I find that staying overnight at the airport prior to a long haul flight makes the following travel day much easier. Having a good night’s rest is imperative to pre-flight build up, and if you can grab yourself plenty of rest the night before, without having to get up at the crack of dawn to travel to the airport, this is a great idea. I also regularly use the Manchester Airport hotels, and I always receive not only a great level of service, but a fantastic price too. This isn’t something that will break the bank, as there are always deals to be found, especially if you head to for bargain-busting prices.


Change your mind-set

If you go to the airport dreading the flight, then you’re going to have a worse time than if you try and view it as part of your holiday. Think positive, look forward to where you’re going, and consider the moment you leave the house the point when your holiday starts, rather than when you land.


Avoid the in-flight map

Sometimes you will be able to use your seat-back TV, if you have one, to keep an eye on your flight progress. Don’t do it! Whilst it’s interesting for about half an hour, you will then feel like you’re stuck and not really going anywhere at any great speed. The saying that a watched pot never boils is very true in this case, in that a watched flight map never seems to move!


Be prepared

Distraction and comfort are two ways forward to a better flight. If you’re not comfortable, you will feel like your flight is endless, so think of ways beforehand to increase your comfort levels. Book extra leg room (I’m currently into Virgin‘s “main cabin select”) if you feel this will help, pre-book your seat so you get an aisle seat if that’s what you prefer, or a window if that’s the way you want to go, and take a pillow for your neck, and some comfortable socks to keep your feet warm – there’s nothing worse than cold feet!


As for distraction, a tablet is a fantastic fast track to entertainment on the go, so get one, charge it right up, buy a mobile emergency battery booster for when the charge eventually dies, and load it up with your favourite games, books, and films etc. Take your earphones and you have hours of entertainment at your fingertips! I’ve read entire books on my tablet on flights, especially long trips to places like Macau.


Long haul flying can be made easier with some very easy tips. Follow this advice and you should find that your journey doesn’t seem like it’s taking forever.

Cosmetic surgery – home security or Thailand cheapy?

thailand clinicI have spent up to a year at a time in Costa Rica, where a lot of expats travel for less expensive cosmetic procedures than you get at home. Turns out, Australians are doing the same thing – but going to Thailand. Today’s post comes from a well-versed Aussie expat (bio at bottom). Enjoy!

The popularity of Australian’s heading abroad to places like Thailand for cosmetic procedures has risen considerably over the past few years, so much so that there are now over 20 companies coined ‘cosmetic travel agents’ facilitating the process. Researcher of the medical tourism industry, Meredith Jones from the University of Technology Sydney estimates that around 15,000 Australians are now travelling overseas for cosmetic surgeries each year.

It’s not just the cost savings of having cosmetic surgery abroad that is appealing to those wanting improvements to their body. Many of the resident surgeons in locations such as Thailand are highly qualified with some actually even receiving their training in Western countries. It is also the idea of combining your cosmetic procedure with a warm, relaxing holiday in Thailand and recovering poolside away from the prying eyes of friends and family. There are even packages for people to head off in groups taking the ‘girls weekend away’ concept one step further with the added activity of a nip and tuck or a boob lift.

But is the cost saving and a five-star holiday worth the risk of having a procedure overseas in an under-developed country? Will the care be as good as you would receive in an Australian medical facility? What if something goes wrong? Medical tourism has opened up the opportunity for more people to undergo cosmetic surgery who in the past would not have been able to afford it, but which is right for you? Home security or Thailand cheapy?

Pros of undergoing cosmetic surgery abroad in Thailand

  • Cosmetic surgery in Thailand can be one-tenth of the cost of procedures in Australia.
  • Hospitals in Thailand have some of the world’s most qualified and experienced plastic surgeons.
  • The aesthetic procedures are safe and of a high quality as well as being much cheaper.
  • The cost of medications required after surgery cost a lot less than in Australia.
  • There are facilities with extremely high hygiene standards.
  • The process is easy and the health care system in Thailand is extremely efficient.
  • You can enjoy a relaxing, tropical holiday before and after the procedure.

Cons of undergoing cosmetic surgery abroad in Thailand

  • Unless you stay in Thailand for an extended period of time it is not possible (or quiet expensive and impractical) to have post-operative follow up visits with your surgeon.
  • In a situation where complications occur following the procedure, you will be unable to see your original surgeon and corrective surgery could prove costly back in Australia.
  • Some surgeons are only certified in Thailand or the countries they practice in.
  • The language barrier may impact on your understanding of the procedure and the risk involved with even some paperwork and consent forms in Thai only.
  • While many hospitals in Thailand are known for their word-class standards of hygiene and post-op care, there are some medical facilities that aren’t up to adequate hygiene standards or offer great after surgery care.
  • You may be required to pay for the procedures in advance.
  • If travelling with a cosmetic travel agency, you may be pushed into add-ons or additional procedures as often doctors and hotels receive kickbacks as an incentive.

There are risks of having a cosmetic procedure whether it is in your home country or in an exotic location such as Thailand. There are also world-class surgeons and others that may not be as reputable in hospitals both aboard and in Australia.

While Thailand has earned a reputation for providing high quality cosmetic surgery at a relatively inexpensive cost, before you consider any medical procedure aboard you should weigh up the benefits and risks. Regardless of whether you choose to have your cosmetic enhancements overseas or in Australia, we recommend you do a generous amount of research on the credentials of your surgeon, the medical facility and the procedure itself before committing to any surgery.

About the Author

Sarah is a writer for Cosmos Clinic. She has worked in the design industry since leaving RMIT University, and decided it was time for a break. Instead of a relaxing holiday, she and her husband sold everything, resigned from their amazing jobs and headed off with their 2 year old son to travel the world in search of a nomadic life.

Reliable, Clean Economy or Luxury Rental Vehicles from Drive Now

DriveNowThere are so many good reasons to rent a car that buying one almost seems like an inferior choice these days. (Ha!) For those of us who travel a ton, rental cars are great for getting around in another city or country, providing peace of mind that there will always be a car waiting for you to get you around. The newest car companies make sure the vehicles are ready to go as is. All that irritating documentation such as stamp duties, taxes and premium location fees are all sorted out and included in the rental price.

Compare Prices and Vehicles Online

When people are looking to hire a car, they want the convenience of online booking facilities as this is a quick and easy way to enjoy great deals. By booking online, you can compare prices and look at the different vehicles, weigh your options up and make your selection. The rental companies will also offer you different types of insurance. This is essential because if you have an accident, without the insurance you will be responsible for all damages and expenses.

Since 2003, DriveNow has been helping travellers find and compare the best online rates for car and campervan rental in Australia, New Zealand, Europe, North America and the UK.

Rent a Car for a Day, a Week or Longer


With rental cars, you get lots of choices and you can choose from a range of economy or budget cars or luxury cars. You can make use of a rental car for a day, a week, a month or even longer.

The price you see is the price you pay. You won’t drive the car, return it and get slapped with a host of hidden extras. The full price of the car is displayed and that is what you pay – nothing more, nothing less.

You Deal with Leaders in Car Rental Industry

Anybody considering car rentals wants to know that the rental company works with all the major rental car suppliers. This ensures that clients always have access to the very latest prices. These leading rental car suppliers such as Europcar, Thrifty, Avis, Budget, Britz, Hertz, Thrifty, Redspot update their prices online, offering the most affordable retail Internet rates.

Once you have booked a particular car, you will get confirmation via email of your booking. The email will also have your drop off details listed. What is useful is that with bookings through DriveNow, no pre-payments are required. When you collect your vehicle, you pay for the entire rental. For campervan rentals, suppliers require payment 6 weeks before collection of the vehicle.

A Large Inventory of Cars to Choose From

When you take possession of your rental car, with DriveNow all your fears of dirty, unreliable cars are allayed. This professional and reputable car rental company offers reliable, clean, well maintained cars that won’t leave you in the lurch. They merely want to match their clients up with cars that will suit their needs and provide them with all the freedom and independence they need.

Looking for the Best yet Affordable Apartments in California

Chambord Apartments, 1298 Sacramento St., San FranciscoLooking for affordable apartments in California? Well so are millions of other people. Don’t worry though, because the apartments don’t have all the power.


It’s important to remember that apartments are competing against one another just as fiercely as you are. In an age where people evaluate living situations by snapshots and phone apps, apartments are showing deceptively deflated prices with hidden fees, services, and monthly charges. Here are some steps to help you find the best deal for you.


General strategies:


  • Location, location, location. Apartments for rent in key locations near schools, city hubs, or affluent areas will be more expensive. Ask yourself if you are willing to drive a longer commute in exchange for lower monthly rent. Try to find an apartment a little ways from city hubs while still being close to major freeway entrances to make up for lost time.


  • Establish your priorities. Free pool and fitness center! Everyone wants that, right? Even if amenities are listed as free, the price for their construction, crowd appeal, and maintenance is factored into your rent. Also make sure to ask which amenities are included in the rent. Try to find an apartment that does not provide more than you need.


  • Negotiate a longer lease. The most expensive thing for an apartment is having empty units. Most apartments are willing to make price deductions in exchange for a longer guaranteed stay. Try to sign the lease for as long a period as you feel comfortable, and make sure they are adjusting the price accordingly.


  • Most two-bedroom apartments cost less than 1.5x as much as one bedroom apartments within the same complex, according to housing statistics. That means only paying 75% as much if you are able to split the cost with a roommate. Make sure your roommate is arranged before beginning your lease, or you might get stuck paying the full share for several months!



Focus the search:


Once you know the type of apartment you’re looking for, you can narrow you search using an online apartment search website.


After you have selected an engine, use your general strategies to filter the search. It is easier to view selections of apartments geographically, so first select your specifications and then zoom with a broad city-search and zoom in on your desired area.


Keep a notepad of phone numbers for competitively listed apartments as you scroll through the entries. Many apartments put a low priority on the automated email communication they receive from clicking on the apartment through the apartment finder, and you will want to follow up with calls. Finally, set an appointment with the leasing office to view a model or walkthrough of the apartment before committing to an application.


Even if you have found the perfect place, go ahead and keep the rest of your appointments. You have nothing to lose, and the more information you receive, the smarter choice you’ll make.




Yachting on the British Virgin Islands (BVI)? Yes, please!

BVIA trip to the British Virgin Islands is the perfect way to enjoy a Caribbean holiday especially if you love sailing. The popular sailing destination is made up of over fifty islands which have unique offerings for those visiting the area for both short and long destinations. Even though most of the islands have breathtaking scenery, some such as Virgin Gorda, Marina Cay and Tortola have become a favorite for many visitors. These islands can be accessed through a number of transport options with the most convenient one being the use of airplanes to your preferred island destination.

Exploration of the islands as well as cays at this destination are a good place to start especially for those experiencing sail boat charters for the first time. The main reason for this is the calm seas surrounding the islands; stable trade winds and easy navigation which are conducive for yachting. If you are an experienced sailor, then you can get to discover the different islands and their natural scenery. The island of Anegada is well known for its coral vegetation which includes anchorages that make it a “must visit” when travelling through the British Virgin Islands. Apart from regular yacht-moorings, some companies offer overnight stays when visiting various islands and they organize places to sleep and have fun through the night. Therefore, it is important to look through a yachting itinerary for the British Virgin Islands before making a booking to ensure such fun activities are included.

In most cases, an itinerary for yachting on the British Virgin Islands will include sampling of the local cuisine which is mainly made up of seafood. There are quite a number of restaurants as well as facilities on the shores that one can visit as part of a yacht charter to enjoy sumptuous meals as part of the trip. The suggestions offered by your sailboat charter company is a good place to start but you can still research further to get the best out of what the islands have to offer. Besides enjoying the local food and other international cuisines, engaging in water sports such as snorkeling to look at stunning fish as well as coral can be quite exciting. You can also choose to enjoy looking at the waves as they crash into the shore from aboard a beautiful yacht while sipping cold drinks with friends or family.

To get the most out of a vacation to the British Virgin Islands, it is advisable to leave all the planning to professional tour companies that understand the region well. Companies such as ADDISON Yacht Charters are experienced in organizing sailing vacations to the islands using well maintained luxury yachts, catamarans as well as monohulls. For most people, the yachting experience is an unforgettable treat that allows you to enjoy clear waters, white sandy beaches, cool trade winds and friendly locals. When well planned, yachting on the British Virgin Islands will result in precious memories that will keep you coming back to revive them again while making new ones as well.

4 ways to enjoy nightlife in St Tropez, France

St Tropez is a favorite destination for travelers that want to enjoy getting to know France on a village island. It is a great location to spend your holidays during the summer whether travelling alone, as a group or couple. Apart from the tranquil atmosphere that you get to enjoy in St Tropez, it also has the best beaches that can be used as event venues or a relaxation pad to soak in some sun. Finding suitable accommodation in the contained village is quite easy as there are many options to choose from including villas, luxury hotels and budget hotels as well. Even so, it is important to plan in advance when travelling to St Tropez to ensure that you maximize your stay.

quality villas

Photo courtesy of Quality Villas

Travelling to St Tropez cannot be considered complete without having a taste of its nightlife which is quite captivating. Some of the night time activities that you can enjoy when in St Tropez are:

  1. Enjoying dinner at exquisite restaurants

Eating out in St Tropez is a culinary experience that will leave you longing for more. There are many types of restaurants to choose from with most of them offering various specialties. Some of the popular cuisines are Mediterranean and French gastronomic which can be enjoyed by you and your friends every night. Famous restaurants in St Tropez worth checking out include Bistro Canaille and Auberge de l’Oumède among others.

Flickr2 -harbor

Photo courtesy of Flickr

  1. Dancing all night at famous clubs

If your idea of an enjoyable night is dancing to the latest music, then St Tropez is your ideal location. The clubs are designed to give visitors an experience like no other with many of them giving revelers a chance to mingle with celebrities that frequent their entertainment scene. Two of the most popular nightclubs in St Tropez are Le Cave Du Roy which is at Byblos hotel and is famous for its DJ mixes and enjoyable music. VIP Room is another night spot that is popular and has an urbane look and great music as well.

  1. Strolling under the moonlight

The beaches in St. Tropez are the perfect place for couples to spend time together enjoying the night sky and the warm air. Most times, the beach is not as busy as during the day giving you some serenity when exploring the beaches. You can even visit the beach clubs stationed alongside the beach and sample the available cuisine.

Flickr1 -resto

Photo courtesy of Flickr

  1. Explore the famous St Tropez harbor

A trip down to the St Tropez harbor gives you a chance to see a display of opulence in form of yachts. The yachts are of different sizes with the most beautiful ones being super yachts that have amenities that resemble those of a mansion or luxury hotel. The presence of the boats lights up the harbor making the reflection on the water relaxing especially at night.

All in all, St Tropez is the best destination if you are looking at having a good time during the day and even better nights when on holiday.

Family fun in the Lapland snow

Enjoying the holidays with your family during the winter season can be an exciting time if planned well. Although there might be a number of great locations nearby, travelling to Lapland –the home of Santa Claus – is worth trying out. Majority of people that have travelled to Lapland for their annual holiday or during holiday breaks always give the destination a glowing recommendation. Planning the trip to this awesome location can become a DIY project but to ensure that every aspect of your trip is covered, it is advisable to work with a travel agency that knows the area well. They may also be able to get you great deals that will help you reduce your budget in regard to travelling to Lapland.


Photo courtesy of Activities Abroad

When visiting Lapland, it is common to find that there are numerous activities that you and your family can engage in beyond skiing. It does not matter whether the holiday is for a short or long time period you can always enjoy the sights and activities that Lapland has to offer. Apart from exhilarating activities available at different locations in the region, it also has the best accommodation for individuals as well as groups that are looking for a memorable trip. Some of the best ways to have fun with family in the Lapland snow include:

  • Skiing

Snow filled slopes that can be seen all around the region make Lapland a sort of heaven for skiers especially when travelling with family. Downhill skiing offers a view of the slopes while having fun and is by far the best experience when in Lapland. If you are a pro skier then you can enjoy the downhill experience but first timers can be assisted by our professional instructors to ensure that they have fun but remain safe as well. If you want to enjoy sliding downhill as a family, you can rent out a snowmobile and ride them down the hill as a group.

Flickr1 -husky

Photo courtesy of Flickr

  • Snowmobiling

Lapland has a number of set snow tracks that allow visitors on holiday to explore the wilderness at their preferred speed. Most snow mobiles can be rented out as long as you have a license that allows you to drive. It is common to find set programs for those that want to explore different areas which ensure that you get to explore many kilometers of tracks with your family having fun. In most cases, the snowmobiling activities are charged depending on the location.

  • Dog sledding

Dog sledding is one of the best ways for your family to enjoy the breathtaking scenery of the Lapland landscape. Most trips are facilitated by guides who navigate the dogs across forested fells and frozen lakes to allow you to see untouched terrain. The trip on the dog sled gets quieter as the animals move steadily thus allowing you to relax and enjoy a serene feeling on the trip.

Flickr2 -ski

 Photo courtesy of Flickr

  • Ice fishing

Lapland is well known for its salmon or trout fishing spots which are often accessed by snowmobiles. Most times, ice-fishing is done in a remote part of a frozen lake where a part of the ice is broken and a fishing rod lowered into the icy water. Most of these fishing trips are successful and you are likely to get a big catch that you and your family can enjoy at dinner.

My Favorite Private Jet Company Wins Again!

Abby Tegnelia ElJet private jet charter

Excited to board my first private jet with (award winner!) ElJet, in 2013.

It feels so good to support companies you believe in. I’ve talked about ElJet (a private jet charter company) a few times, how they invited me to plan a dream Vegas vacation for two very lucky contest winners. I was honored to say the least. Then they did what they do best: chartered a private jet… Just for me! I flew to LA to pick up the excited travelers and then escorted them to Sin City for their big vacation.

In the year and a half since, I’ve gotten to know a lot of the guys at ElJet and just love what they do there. And guess what – I’m not alone! For the second year in a row, the prestigious international World Travel Awards awarded ElJet the top spot in the “Leading Private Jet Charter Company in North America” category.

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A Day on the Slopes!

a day on a slopeAlthough I grew up  in Florida and lived in Costa Rica, I’ve been skiing several times – it’s a fun activity that can be enjoyed with family and friends at different places all over the world. If you are a ski enthusiast, it is likely that you have had your fair share of holidays enjoying the slopes and perfecting your skiing skills. It does not matter if you an amateur or professional, you can enjoy a day on the slopes and have an unforgettable experience all around.

Skiing apparel is also very important while planning such a trip and would involve the purchase of items such as ski blades, women’s ski jackets and appropriate shoes among others. Nevertheless, the quality of any ski trip depends largely on the location, which are usually ski towns spread worldwide. They provide visitors with inviting amenities, culture and a unique ski heritage.

Although there are a number of ski towns that one can visit for a fun time, there are some that stand out and are popular among those who enjoy skiing. These towns are diverse in what they offer and available for visitors that are looking to indulge as well as those travelling on a budget.

Here are the top 3 ski towns that should be on the wish list of any adventurous skier.

  1. Wanaka in New Zealand

This is the ideal ski town for skiing as well as snowboarding enthusiasts who want to enjoy themselves in every winter season. It is considered one of the leading adventure towns in the world, mostly because of its location which is at the shores of Lake Wanaka in New Zealand. The ski season in Wanaka is between June and October thus making it an ideal location for anyone seeking a place to ski during the summer. Its skiable terrain and 200 inches of snow per year make it a world class ski town worth visiting on a vacation. Apart from the breathtaking scenery, Wanaka also offers accommodation options such as hostels and magnificent eco-lodges for those travelling to the area.

  1. Niseko in Japan

Niseko is one of Asia’s prominent ski towns and is well known in Japan because of its consistent snow throughout the year. The town receives at least 590 inches of snowfall yearly giving skiers an opportunity to enjoy a terrain like no other. If you have never been skiing at night, you have the opportunity to do so in Niseko which provides a skiing space of 2,560 feet with stadium lights all around. In addition, nighttime skiing is popular in the area because of the presence of birch forests which offer the best shelter for skiers and snowboarders. When skiing at night, it is important for women to invest in a waterproof women ski jacket to keep warm while having fun. Furthermore, the area is also made up of four resorts that are interconnected making it easy for visitors to move from one location to another.

  1. Telluride in Colorado

Colorado is a ski resort town that is famous all over the world with locations such as Telluride leading the pack. It is an ideal location for skiers that love the mountain life whether they are beginners or excellent cruisers. Wearing a women’s ski jacket while exploring the terrain in Telluride, keeps you warm when riding on a gondola from the towns’ edge back up to the ski area which is filled with scenic beauty. Furthermore, the ski town has earned a reputation of having steep as well as bumps that can take skiers to every corner that is covered by the resort. It is an ideal location for expert skiers that would like to hike to extreme in-bounds such as the Palmyra Peak as well as the Black Iron Bowl.