Why solo travel is not for me


I’m still walking on air after an inspiring night that came courtesy of Meet, Plan, Go and one of my guiding lights in Las Vegas, JoAnna Haugen, who herself learned a LOT by organizing the Vegas version of this national event. One of the most important ideas that I feel the audience soaked up like a sponge was that in the world of travel, there’s something for everyone. One person doesn’t like hostels, another is on a tight budget. Me? I can live in a very tight space or stay in a very modest room. But it has to have air conditioning. And… I do not enjoy solo travel.

There, I said it. I am not a solo traveler. I do not like solo travel.

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Peace in Colonia

Uruguay, travel, South AmericaThis is my friend Kirsten. Doesn’t she look happy? Relaxed even… This is news because a few days prior, in Buenos Aires, she was stressed out to say the least, after a street thief grabbed her precious iPhone right out of her hands while we were in a cab. A day trip to Colonia, Uruguay turned out to be just what we needed. The peaceful old town area of this quaint port town featured adorable shops, safe streets and outdoor cafes — a perfect little break to big city life in Argentina!



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The Political Side of Things in Buenos Aires

Argentina, Buenos Aires, travel, photographyMaybe it was because I’m a Pisces, or perhaps that I lived in Florida in 10 years, or just that I love the beach, but when our all-knowing travel guide asked us to guess what this shape represented, I guessed, “a fish?” Luckily, my fearless travel buddy, Kirsten, was a bit more on the money: “a lady’s head?” Sure enough, this was one of the famous head scarves, the symbol of the Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo. The brave women started silently marching near the presidential palace, Casa Rosada, every Thursday during the Dirty War of the 1970s and 80s, a war which scared even the bravest men into silence. With the names of their missing children embroidered on their scarves, they demonstrated for justice, despite so many people “disappearing” for doing much less. Most recently, the Grandmothers of the Plaza de Mayo have worked with a government team to use DNA testing to return many of the kidnapped/re-assigned children from the war to their biological families. It’s a fascinating story from a horrific time. So far, less than 50 of these (now grown) children of war have been re-introduced to their families, but hundreds have been identified. As far as I know, none of these children have given an interview about whether or not they left the parents who raised them despite now knowing that those parents knew they’d been ripped from their biological moms and dads, how that felt. I’m on the lookout but have been unable to find anything on-line. Please send me a link if anyone knows anything! Here are a few more photos of the capitol.

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Tango’s Carlos Gardel in Buenos Aires

Argentinians love them some Carlos Gardel — so much so that a neighborhood-sized shrine exists just for him! Possibly the most famous person in tango history, Gardel died way before his time in a horrible Buddy Holly-esque plane crash. His house has been restored and opened as a museum, in the Abasto district of Buenos Aires. For me, walking through the surrounding streets and finding all of the portraits of him painted on windows, walls and elsewhere became like a puzzle, and his flowery lyrics fun to try to translate with my intermediate Spanish. It might be tourist-y to some, but I loved the history lesson — and also the colorful filete style of painting that adorns the area. Trust me, you’ll know it when you see it…

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B Roll in La Boca in Buenos Aires

Speaking of weddings, last month I had the absolute pleasure of attending the “I dos” of friend Andi of My Beautiful Adventures and her Argentinian husband, Lucas, in Buenos Aires. These world travelers posed for their engagement photos in the city’s famous La Boca barrio. I tried not to get in photographer Kirsten Alana‘s way, but I did snap some B roll footage of the happy couple. Two local kids ran after Andi, giggling, and tons of tourists stopped to watch the shoot. It really did feel like we were with an A-list star!

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Fanciest (five-star!) dog hotel in Vegas

Since I just got back from a two-week trip to Argentina, I’ve been asked numerous times about my dogs. I love that everyone is so concerned! No worries — while I was jaunting through South America, my pups were on their own vacation at a five-star Vegas dog hotel. Here they are with their little good-bye bandanas that have become a standard treat for dogs going home! (Sorry for the poor quality of the pic — they’re difficult, wiggly models at best.) They were so tired and well-behaved when I picked them up. It was a very good sign!

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