Get Local: Great Travel Initiative in Asia

WithLocals Market

Hit the local market with your guide!

What are your favorite travel memories?

My guess is that most of you will immediately think of an experience with locals. You were invited for dinner in a new friend’s home, or met some local people in a bar and spent your evening together playing traditional card games? These moments seem more special, since while on vacation, it’s easy to spot all of the other tourists at the major sites, but the locals can be hard to find.

So often we follow a tourism handbook to an awesome old local café and arrive to find it overloaded with tourists from our home country!

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What To Do in Barcelona

Plaza Virgen de los Reyes, Seville, Spain - Sep 2009 I am so excited to be sharing more of Spain with you. The country holds a special place in my heart, as it’s where I first spent an extended time abroad, during my junior year of college. Located in the northeastern region of Catalonia, the city of Barcelona has many attractions-I have visited 11 times last time I counted! Guadí’s Sagrada Familia is the city’s main symbol, and Gaudí’s architecture is present in the rest of the city.

Explore the city center.

Visitors can explore Barcelona on foot. The city’s main set of boulevards, Las Ramblas, stretches between the Catalonia square, a popular meeting spot, and the Columbus statues located on the coast of the Mediterranean sea. Each boulevard has flower stalls, newspaper kiosks and many street performers. There are several themed hotels in this area of the city, and there are many hostels located in ancient historical buildings in the El Born and Raval districts.

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Main landmarks in Seville

Plaza Virgen de los Reyes, Seville, Spain - Sep 2009The city of Seville is located in Andalusia, a region in the south of Spain. This historical city has many attractions, ranging from cathedrals and ancient minaret towers to bridges and fortresses.

The Cathedral and the Giralda Tower.

The city’s main symbol is its cathedral, which was built on the ruins of an ancient mosque. This large cathedral has several naves with vaulted ceilings and gilded decorations. The main altarpiece is the Retablo Mayor, a large structure decorated with golden statues. Some of the halls have been transformed into galleries filled with antique goblets that were used during mass. Continue Reading »»

The Mediterranean’s Magical Cyprus

Cyprus3Cyprus Must-See Destinations

The Mediterranean region is a wonderful destination for anyone looking to get away from the stress of daily life. This is particularly true of the island of Cyprus, which has been attracting tourists for decades with its magnificent beaches and laid back lifestyle. If you are looking for a peaceful and relaxing holiday getaway, you needn’t look further than Cyprus. Continue reading and you will find out why.

Cyprus’ highlights: Larnaca

A large number of charter flights arrive in Larnaca, a lovely seaside city that is thought to be the oldest in Cyprus. With its mix of Byzantine, Middle Eastern, and Western architecture, Larnaca is a pleasant introduction to Cyprus. The rich cultural heritage of this is also evident in its cuisine, which you can sample at the many restaurants located by the waterfront promenade.

Sun and beach life in Ayia Napa

Being an island, there is no shortage of beaches to relax on in Cyprus. The Ayia Napa is an ideal getaway destination for travelers who want an exciting experience, as many consider it a party destination. Despite its reputation as a nightlife spot, Ayia Napa offers many opportunities to enjoy the most absolute relaxation. The town’s postcard-like beaches are fantastic for swimming, sunbathing, and for practising water sports. Don’t leave without spending some time at Konnos beach, Protaras, and Cape Greco.

Mountain villages in the Troodos

The Troodos is a mountain range that criss crosses the western end of Cyprus. In recent years, eco-tourism has become an important activity in the area, which has some of the island’s finest natural landscapes. These mountains are dotted with tiny mountain villages that are ideal for a romantic break or to simply disconnect from it all. Some suggested destinations within the Troodos include Paleochori (a picturesque farming village) or Pano Lefkara, located at the foothill of the mountains that is great for nature walks and souvenir shopping (especially locally crafted lace and silverwares).


Limassol: a walk through history

Limassol is well connected to Larnaca and the Troodos, so it can be easily included during your stay in Cyprus. This is a large cosmopolitan city where past and present are wonderfully mixed. Strolling through Limassol’s old town is a delightful experience that will transport you to the city’s ancient past, thanks to its medieval castles and archaeological sites. The narrow streets lead onto the city’s harbor, where you can sit down at a terrace and enjoy a dish of freshly caught seafood.

What’s In a Name?

The good life: Hammock and lush greenery. Bad side: nature means critters.

Maybe by now it’s sort of obvious how I got the ridiculous nickname “Jungle Princess,” but for my last post about my recent trip to Costa Rica, I thought I’d explain — and show how far I’ve come. As with everything these days (haha) it all started online. My friend Mike had signed me up on Twitter the day before I left my Las Vegas friends for the jungles of Costa Rica. I finally got into it a few months in, but all of the travel folks were confused… Where was my blog? they asked. (My what?!) Since my tweets were all about scorpions, spiders, monkeys, rain and not wearing high heels… Diana of DTravelsRound finally publicly tweeted something along the lines of, “Come on, jungle princess, you’re starting a blog tomorrow.”

So I did.


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What a difference a year makes

My former hometown of Coco had the nerve to grow while I was gone! I lived in the small town in Costa Rica for a year, and then it took me 15 long months to find my way back. In my mind, Coco will always be a quaint little fishing village with a rough little beach and a barrio outside of town where chickens and roosters roam free.  (Ok, the barrio‘s still there, but none of my friends still live near the chickens.)

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