Top five sushi restaurants on the Strip in Las Vegas

Best restaurants in Vegas Blue RibbonSince Las Vegas is in a desert, many people are surprised to learn about our love affair with sushi. All of this confusion when we are just a 45-minute flight from the California coast, not to mention the private jets that fly in daily from Japan and the Mediterranean! (Of course, after living in Las Vegas for so long, nothing surprises me anymore). Yes, fresh seafood is alive and well in Sin City. While steakhouses remain the norm in bachelor party-heavy Vegas, there is so much amazing sushi on offer. During my almost three years as editor-in-chief of my city’s luxury magazine, which covers the best restaurants in Vegas, I’ve tasted my share. Visitors are always asking me my favorites, so I’ve compiled them here.

My picks? Read on!

Blue Ribbon: I was a huge fan of Blue Ribbon’s restaurants when I lived in NYC. so it was an obvious sentimental fav when it opened at Cosmopolitan. Yet, my need for “new” places kept me away for a long time. That was a huge mistake! Once I started going, I couldn’t stop. The restaurant’s shishito peppers are magical, its fried chicken to die for (and half-off after ten pm). But  I have twice eaten my weight in sushi there, leaving everything up to the chef. Every bite was better than the last!

Blue Ribbon Sushi Las Vegas

Some of the best restaurants in Vegas are sushi spots.

Koi: Parking is a huge pain at Planet Hollywood, and their valet is always full. So I rarely make it up to Koi. But my recent dinner there with Coco Austin before she took the stage in Peepshow made me realize that I should just learn to wear flats and hike to Koi. (Tourists taking cabs aren’t affected by any of this.) This LA import’s crispy rice with tuna is the best in town, and I love the lobster tacos. Then order up plates of its delicious sushi.

Nobu: I struggled over whether to put Nobu on this list, as it just isn’t a place I’ve ever gone to for classic sushi. But a new locale just opened in the (first-ever in the world) Nobu Hotel at Caesars Palace, and the tiradito and yellowtail with jalapeno were so memorable that I had to include. Besides, how could I not include the first-ever Nobu on a room service menu?

Blue Ribbon Sushi Las Vegas

Blue Ribbon’s omakase chef’s choice menu includes several artistic plates of mouth-watering sushi.

Sushi Roku: Have your cab drop you off right at the “new” valet at Forum Shops, and head up to the third floor. In addition to the mouth-watering sashimi and freshest rolls, this Strip gem offers the best views of the bright lights. Bonus: Unlike so many restaurants in Vegas, Roku is open for lunch.

Yellowtail: Chef Akira Back is my absolute favorite in town, and I was going to Bellagio’s Yellowtail (just feet from the north side entrance of the casino) so often at one point that I started to feel like a groupie. Don’t ask questions — just start with the tuna pizza. I promise you won’t regret it (and might even order two). There’s a pop rocks roll I love, novelty aside, that you sort of have to order. Make sure to order their special crab hand rolls (the waiter will know), and then finish up with a few plates of your favorite rolls and nigiri.

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  1. Had no idea they had Blue Ribbon in Vegas – yum!

  2. Shibuya at MGM! 🙂
    Definitely going to check out Blue Ribbon next time I’m there!

  3. I love Blue Ribbon in NYC as well 🙂 Great list if I will ever be in LV again!

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