First glimpse into the first ever Nobu Hotel

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Everything in the first ever Nobu Hotel is a nod to his Japanese heritage.

I still remember the first time I ate at Nobu. I was still at my very first job out of school, and sitting in that famous Tribeca restaurant, I thought I had made it. Chef Nobu’s food is so amazing that I guess it was only a matter of time that the brand expanded, but when I heard that it was taking over a tower at Caesars Palace, I thought it was genius. There was no way it wouldn’t quickly become one of the best hotels in Las Vegas. Earlier this year, I had the honor of sitting down with co-owner Robert De Niro for a story in Vegas magazine. Since then, I’ve been counting down the days until I got to see this project for myself. He talked about this exciting launch of the very first Nobu Hotel, which was his idea and now building locales as far away as Riyadh.

But for now, I have stayed in the only one in the world!

I loved how clean and simple the hotel and rooms were, with the emphasis on service and amenities. The lobby was tiny and almost hidden, which I appreciated, and it was so easy to get to from self-park.

Nobu Hotel Room 

I absolutely fell in love with the toiletries, which included a bath glove, spa hair-ties, a wooden toothbrush, night cream, and makeup remover. I admit that I took home some of these goodies. Packing for my next weekend trip just got easier!

Nobu Hotel toiletries

And did I mention that the entire room service menu was created by the famous chef? Breakfast includes green tea waffles, teriyaki steak and eggs, and omelettes with options like unagi and king crab. After 11:30 am? Choose from Nobu’s famous tiradito or black cod butter lettuce appetizers, or dine on lobster rolls or rock shrimp buns… without leaving your room.

Nobu Hotel Room Service Menu

Many hotel rooms in Vegas offer views of parking lots or the roofs of other buildings. (Cosmopolitan is a definite exception; I always look out onto the Bellagio fountains.) My room at Nobu? A perfect shot of the fun Paris casino.

Best hotels in Las Vegas Paris

The hotel’s aesthetic might be simple, but the modern touches aren’t. To use the elevator, run your card under the light, and step in. You will be taken right up to your room — without having to press a single button inside.

Nobu Hotel elevator

At first, it’s unsettling to step into this elevator, because as the doors close, you automatically reach out to touch your floor — but there are no buttons to push.


And of course, I couldn’t talk about the hotel without mentioning that it is mere feet from… A Nobu restaurant of course. I hadn’t eaten at one in years, and every bite was as melt-in-your-mouth delicious as I remembered.

Nobu Restaurant


 Nobu Vegas cranes

I can’t wait to stay on the Strip’s newest hotel again! And of course, I look forward to dining at the restaurant as often as I can talk people into going with me.

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  1. A Nobu hotel??? Amaaaaaaazing! Looks AWESOME!!!

  2. I’d love to join you for dinner at Nobu in Vegas!

  3. So jealous! I still haven’t eaten at Nobu.

  4. Another reason to come visit me in Vegas. 🙂

  5. Love the creative room service menu… the creative everything.

  6. If I can get back to Vegas this summer…. let’s do it!

  7. What if you want to go to someone else’s room? How does the elevator handle that? 😉

  8. Oh yeah you can definitely talk me into it. I definitely want to go there.

  9. Ummm YUM. Yes please! 😀

  10. I never order room service, but between that menu and the toiletries, I think this is the kind of hotel where I wouldn’t leave the room until check-out. Sounds fab!

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