Bucket List: Beautiful Durban!

Image courtesy of taesmileland/freeDigitalPhotos.netDurban Offers the Indian Ocean

The Indian Ocean coastline of Africa has wonderful beaches. Down in South Africa the main tourist destination for those wanting to enjoy sea and sand is Durban. At different times of the year the seas are the scene of whale migrations, the sardine run and the predators it attracts and sharks in habitat the seas all year round. There is no need to worry, the bathing areas are protected by nets that stop sharks coming too close so people wanting to enjoy these warm waters can do so in perfect safety.

Many Attractions

The Provincial Rugby Union side is even called the Sharks. Durban hosts wonderful sporting events each year with overseas teams as regular visitors for rugby and cricket. Durban is the main port on this coastline which inevitably raises its commercial profile. It is also the largest manufacturing region in South Africa after Johannesburg. All in all it means the city has a tremendous number of visitors each year and the quality of the local hotels reflect that demand.

Excellent Climate

If you want to know where to stay in Durban you can put ‘Durban accommodation’ into a popular search engine and it is likely you will get some excellent alternatives to fit most budgets. Its sub tropical climate means that tourists head to Durban right around the year. Winter at altitude in South Africa inevitably means cold nights so a break midwinter from South Africa’s interior has always been popular. Even in midwinter the temperatures during the night should never drop below double figures. The transport infrastructure is excellent with regular internal flights and excellent roads.


Hotel chains in South Africa have built up a good reputation with locals and overseas visitors alike. The standards meet everything that an international traveller would expect. South African wines complement the excellent cuisine that can be expected throughout the country. There have been many overseas influences that have produced huge variety on South African menus. It would be almost criminal for anyone staying in this area not to try the fresh fish at least once in a week.

Durban is an excellent base for anyone wanting to explore the region and a good starting point for a holiday that takes visitors north, perhaps to visit the ‘Battlefields’ in the interior, places where the Boer and Zulu Wars were fought years ago. It has been said that South Africa is many countries in one, such is its variety. It is something that the locals appreciate and overseas visitors are returning regularly because they have discovered it as well.

Even if Cape Town is the first choice of many, combining it with Durban makes good sense with flights so regular between all the major cities in the country.

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