Barrio Adds Wheels

It’s extremely expensive to buy a car in Costa Rica, so the locals have adapted numerous ways of getting around. On the road? Legions of old bikes, electric bicycleslicense-plated golf carts and more. And yet, my neighbor Ana and I have pretty much been without wheels the entire time I’ve been here.

And now, she’s abandoned me.

Ana bought a quad.

It’s an interesting way of life, having to walk 30 minutes in the searing sun to go to the grocery store. (Forget rainy season.) Cabs are great, but sometimes you have to wait up to 20 minutes, and fees add up. The two of us have always felt stranded, hating to beg for rides so often lurking around to see who might be going into town at what time.

Then Ana started going to work every day at Pacifico Beach Club, and she was forced to peddle on her bike, at times uphill, to the far other end of town and back. Six days a week.

So yesterday she comes roaring around the corner on the littlest quad I’ve ever seen, in a frilly sundress no less, saying only, over and over again, “I love her so much!”

Last night, I think I was the first one of us to hitch a ride, home from Kelsey’s, which is about one and a half blocks away. There’s not much to hold onto, so I think I’m going to wait until she gets helmets before I take my next ride.

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  1. Oh wow, LOVE the new design look!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I can picture you on the quad, too funny! I love that she’s riding around on that with a sundress. She’s my kinda chic.

  2. Yes, she is! You must come down to the barrio and meet everyone. You’d fit right in!

  3. That is “NEGRITA” in the picture…nice pics Ana & Abs

  4. How did I forget to include the quad’s name?! Welcome, Negrita!!

  5. I love the look of the new site. The quad looks really fun. I want one 🙂

  6. LOVE the new site! And the quad! You need to get one of those. 😉

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