B Roll in La Boca in Buenos Aires

Speaking of weddings, last month I had the absolute pleasure of attending the “I dos” of friend Andi of My Beautiful Adventures and her Argentinian husband, Lucas, in Buenos Aires. These world travelers posed for their engagement photos in the city’s famous La Boca barrio. I tried not to get in photographer Kirsten Alana‘s way, but I did snap some B roll footage of the happy couple. Two local kids ran after Andi, giggling, and tons of tourists stopped to watch the shoot. It really did feel like we were with an A-list star!

Kirsten at work, photographing the happy (and very photogenic) couple

While the professionals did their thing, I walked around La Boca, the tiny neighborhood’s famously bright colors shining in the sun. The whole thing (at least the tourist part) takes up only about two blocks, but it’s a hot destination for out-of-towners because of its distinctly Argentinian feel. Lucas rushed us out of there the second the sun started to set — in case you thought La Boca was safe at night. Of course, my friends headed there for steak later that evening. After reading their harrowing accounts, I was sort of OK that I missed them! (I repeat: rule of thumb, when the souvenir peddlers, and there are plenty of ’em, start to pack up, it’s time to go.) I tried to find these stories, but I was unable to — Ayngelina, Rease, Stephanie, feel free to send!

UPDATE: Rease sent hers. Enjoy! No Taxi For You

Some more of my (amateur) pics of La Boca:

And… Kirsten and I posing with the beautiful bride:

La Boca, Argentina, Buenos Aires, weddings

For the stunning, completed shoot, click here:

Andi’s engagement photos part one


Andi’s engagement photos part two

These La Boca engagement pictures turned out so beautifully — I highly recommend taking a look!

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  1. It was hard for me to enjoy that afternoon as rattled as I still was by the robbery but I am so glad we did that!! I simply cannot imagine having gone to Buenos Aires and not visiting La Boca. And Andi & Lucas were SO stunning that afternoon in the fading light. Most of all, glad you were there with us and with me the whole trip!!!

  2. My experience in La Boca was also quite random… I ended up in something like a street fight between La Boca and River football fans where everyone threw each other glass bottles and stones! Thing is, I wasn’t scared. I kind of felt safe in that little bar I had been locked in – the guy from the bar had 3 daughters living in the Canary Islands, where I come from, so I was pretty sure he didn’t let anything happen to me πŸ™‚
    In my opinion, the main street of La Boca is too touristy – but its still an adventure πŸ™‚

  3. HereΒ΄s the story! http://travelated.com/taxi-nazi-no-taxi-for-you

    I didnΒ΄t know you were at the photo shoot, it looks like so much fun. They really had a perfect trip!

  4. Kirsten — I agree that I can’t imagine not have making it to La Boca, and that the trip was awesome because we had each other!

    Katherina — I’m glad you were safe even with throwing glass! Ohhh, I love the Canarias. So pretty! Sounds like you saw the “real” La Boca. πŸ˜‰

  5. Thank you, Rease!!! I’m going to cheat and add in the link. The story is just too wild!

  6. I always forget how tall Andi is until I see her towering over you (and I think of you as tall already!).

  7. Amazing photos Abby, I don’t know the couple and I’m happy for them! lol.

    And that is a great tip about the “souvenir peddlers” time to get out of dodge!

  8. So pretty!! I LOVE the colors. And, good point about taking your cue from the locals. Can’t wait to go on our adventure!!

  9. I actually drafted a post but never published it. It was going to be called “Steak Worth a Trip to the Ghetto.” My harrowing experience involved taking a bus by myself at night (because I was downtown for an appointment) to meet Rease and Ayngelina. There was a strike going on, so I had to take a different bus which did not stop where it was supposed to. I had to walk 6-8 blocks through completely silent, dark streets to find the restaurant. Creepy!

    I did write about my trip back to La Boca during daylight hours though πŸ™‚

  10. Loved this post!!! It was definitely a special moment in my life that I will never forget. The pics came out lovely. I have been to La Boca now over the last 6 years probably 10X and I’ve never once had a problem or felt unsafe. I’ve felt more unsafe in NYC and Spain than Argentina haha. It’s one of my fave barrios and I don’t care if it’s touristy or not. I loved your “amateur shots.” You should give yourself more credit darling!

  11. How lucky to be in such a cool place for the setting of such a special day an event. And, Andi is super tall! tall girls, unite!! πŸ™‚

  12. i didnt know people had engagement photos!

  13. Such a colourful neighbourhood La Boca. I like your photos.

  14. Yes, Andi is tall — I hadn’t noticed until these comments.

    Stephanie — I was thinking later that maybe I read about your harrowing tales in an email. The story was too good!

  15. La Boca is one of the places I absolutely have to visit while I’m in Argentina. It looks like a great place for a photo shoot too!

  16. La Boca seems like an absolutley perfect place for an engagement photo shoot, with its old world character and colorful buildings. Abby, you should. know you r photos are wonderful. Sometimes it takes an nonpro eyes to capture the most intriguing and raw shots. So wonderful you got to share in this special moment.

  17. The colors were perfect for a shoot — especially one for a creative soul like Andi.

    Thank you, Sherry. That’s so sweet. πŸ™‚

  18. The colors are stunning there! Abby – you are really good!

  19. Beautiful colors, and nice pics, too! I haven’t been to Argentina, but I’m always struck by the use of color in Brazil. It makes the U.S. look so very drab.
    And I couldn’t stop admiring your coat in the last photo!

  20. Great photos and looks like you had a great time! I saw Andi’s photos as well and they were stunning!

  21. Now why can’t we have beautifully coloured buildings like that here.

  22. I love your photos and the professional ones from that day, too! The colors there are so pretty!

  23. You ladies look lovely!! I’m glad you had a fab time in BsAs!

    And Abby, nice shots! The pink building is my fav πŸ™‚

  24. Thank you, everyone! Teresa, the pink one is my fav also. πŸ˜‰

  25. Beautiful photographs. That is quite the colourful place. It sounds like a fun experience to feel like a movie star for a day and glad that you packed up before the sun went down.

  26. WOW what awesome comments from everyone!!! Thanks sooo much! Haha, I’m tall, but not THAT tall (I would love a couple more inches please). I’m 5’9.” πŸ™‚

  27. love la boca! and of course you gals. so great that so many loved ones could be there for andi’s big day! πŸ™‚

  28. Love your pics — such a colorful place! What a fun time that must have been. Thanks for the tip about getting out La Boca before sunset. I’m going to read Rease’s article now!

  29. You three look so glam in that last photo!

  30. I agree with Kyle, and specifically I would like your jacket, please. Maybe you can come to Santiago to hand-deliver it to me?

  31. AWWWW… I’m a sucker for romance. AND I heart Boca, I took so many great shots there. Sigh. I miss South America so much.

  32. Gorgeous

  33. I love the colors of these buildings! Looks like a great place to snap a few random shots!

  34. I love the colors there and you captured them well with your camera talents. I also must compliment your style. You always dress very well even when you’re casual.

  35. Love seeing another side of the barrios in Argentina. It sounds like it was a fun trip to be on.

  36. I do like ur amateur photos a lot, Abby πŸ˜‰

  37. I remember seeing a few of these on Andi’s site! I think you did a great job.

  38. The colors in the photographs are so vibrant that everything looks like a postcard! Happy that you went down for your friend’s wedding! xoxo

  39. Boca really is a fun neighborhood to explore! The buildings have such great character. πŸ˜€ I did however find the number of peddlers a bit overwhelming, even in the day time.

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