Last girl to the Avatar party

I’d often heard about this mysterious little movie theater in nearby Hermosa that’s open a few days a week. Last night, I finally made plans for a big Thursday night out — to see some new release called Avatar. I actually asked my friend Cheryl (pictured here) if we needed to get there early. Luckily, she knowingly said no. I’ve been to exactly one movie since I moved to Costa Rica, since the next closest theater is about 30 minutes away. Skeptical, I wondered why we never hit up this little gem. Was it always too crowded? Or decrepit? Upon arrival, exactly five minutes late, we waltzed into a completely empty theater. Am I the last person on earth to see Avatar?! There wasn’t even anyone around to take our picture together — so I made Cheryl pose alone. (I don’t know why it makes me laugh so hard, honestly I don’t.) I thought it was going to be packed. There was so much leg room that we couldn’t even put our feet up, if that’s what we were inclined to do in what turned out to be such a beautiful theater. And our $6 ticket included a free soda or beer. Thirty minutes later, the movie started, with six other people in the audience, including four of our friends who’d come to meet us. Starving, they’d ordered dinner next door. Their food was later served by two waiters on real plates with silverware. This place not getting more action, in a sleepy little town with little else to do, is a complete mystery to me. But I’m not complaining; I finally got to see Avatar — a mere 168 days after its US release.

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  1. I love the photo — I burst out laughing when I realized that was Cheryl! I haven’t seen Avatar either, probably renting it tonight.

  2. I just saw Avatar for the 1st time myself last week too, love it! Haha, I wouldn’t have been able to pay attention to the movie, I would have been laughing at the situation the whole time. I’m guessing it wasn’t in 3D? 😉 So, what did you think about it?

  3. great post — bleh movie. Saw it myself on the road in a small theater in Alice Springs, Australia.

  4. Don’t worry – we’re the last two guys not to have seen it. Know a good cinema in West Africa?

  5. LOL, that picture is FANTASTIC! I wish movie theatres here allowed beer inside. It’d make my experience so much more enjoyable.

  6. Ha ha…and I thought *I* was the one. I FINALLY saw Avatar a couple of weeks ago. And, yeah, loved it. We’re waiting on buying it until the extended edition comes out in November. 🙂

    Good times.

    Mel at

  7. Was it in Spanish or English with Spanish sub? On my recent trip back home I watched a few Hollywood movies in Russian translation (my native). I’ve seen them before in English and it was amuzing to see actors to speak Russian, while expecting to hear English. Also, sometimes translation was funny as well.

  8. Hi, Dmitrii! I actually 100% prefer when they use subtitles!! When I lived in Spain, they always dubbed. I’ll never forget watching Titanic — and Leonardo Dicaprio sounded like a high-pitched young actor with a thick accent! So, yes, I got to see Avatar with the subtitles! And I’m going back to the theater — and bringing friends…

  9. Hi, Mel! There’s an extended edition?! Fun! I never want to be the last to see anything again — I like to be first so I can make my own opinions!

    @Candice The best part about them serving beer is that there was NO one to climb over — so you could use the restroom as often as you wanted… We’re going back.

  10. Can you imagine a theater experience like that in the US? Wow. Nice. And, don’t feel bad. I still haven’t seen the movie.

  11. Being the movie buff I am, I live in the freakin’ U.S. and I still haven’t seen Avatar. Now that’s my kind of theater. $6 with a beer and you can food delivered..How awesome. You can’t hardly rent a movie for that in the states.

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