Attractions Not to Miss in Peru

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I’ve always wanted to go to Peru, which  provides a wide range of exotic locations to explore as an individual or group. What’s on the “must see” list when visiting this magical country? Let’s take a look.

• Take a trip to Machu Picchu

Exploring these Inca Ruins in Peru is one of the main reasons many people visit the country as the experience is like no other. The Machu Picchu ruins are a sacred site that was used by the Inca people when they still inhabited the area. It is visited by quite a number of tourists, especially from June to August that are considered to be peak months at Machu Picchu. Majority of the people that visit this popular tourist attraction come to see Cusco, which was the Inca empire’s ancient capital and has a lot of structures that were built in the early years.


• Visit the Peruvian Amazon Basin

The experience of visiting the Amazon basin is a once in a life time chance to discover more about the rain forest. Its surroundings are basically green plants and trees, muddy paths and rare wildlife that make it an adventurous place to visit. Luckily, the Amazon Basin can be accessed by flight for those coming from Lima or other surrounding towns. In addition, there are a number eco lodgings lining the river then making it easier to enjoy time at the location without worrying about where to stay the night.


• Enjoy the floating Uros Islands

If you want to learn more about the Inca civilization, then you need to visit the floating reed islands inhabited by the Uros people. The islands which are quite popular with tourists provide them with an opportunity to learn more about the aboriginal people. One distinct feature of the islands is the availability of reeds almost everywhere one goes.


• Explore Larco Museum

The building in which the museum is located is by itself a sight to behold because of its whitewashed walls that is covered with bougainvillea vines in assorted colors. It has a private collection that has been made available by at the museum belonged to a man of great wealth who was fascinated with Inca pottery, masks, and headdresses made from gold or even silver. However , other types of artifacts that have been picked from various archaeological sites in the country are also on display. Among the most famous piece of art at the museum is that of two ceramic figures sitting in a sexual position and it dates back the second century.


Overall, a trip to Peru (when planned well !) is bound to be an unforgettable experience that will be remembered for many years. There are a number of tour companies that offer different travelling packages to their customers thus making it possible to find one that fits your travel budget. This quiz was brought to you by My Adventure Store as a way of helping you know which sites to visit when in Peru.

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