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I love traveling over the holidays, and I recently fell in love with this creative company. Make your winter trip unforgettable with Artisan Travel. The personalized adultonly tour operator specializes in planning winter activity holidays (since I haven’t seen snow in years, some of the activities sound extra-awesome) to a variety of destinations across the world – focused on places like Alaska, Finland, Iceland, Sweden and Norway, all hot spots during the winter season.

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As a way of accommodating different travel needs, Artisan Travel offers three holiday types: “small group,” “tailor made,” and “private departures.” The small group option usually has a minimum of four people and a maximum of twenty people, while the tailor-made trips allow travelers to craft their very own itinerary according to their preference, with the guidance of the experts on staff. The final option is the private departure, which is for travelers who want the holiday carved around their own time and interests.

All the destinations that Artisan Travel takes their travelers to have key attractions that are best experienced when travelling with the tour operator. They have invested in relationships with local operators to allow travelers to go beyond normal trails followed by tourists to discover the beauty within every destination. Some of the activities include enjoying a snowmobile safari or a husky safari. You also get to enjoy looking at the Northern Lights and midnight sun, which are rare and exceptional natural phenomenon. Finally, travelers get to enjoy out-of-this-world accommodation such as the tree hotel, log cabins, winter cottages, as well as ice and snow hotels.
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To make these winter holidays one-of-a kind, the tour operator has hired travel experts who are sent off to these breathtaking destinations beforehand to get a feel before recommending them to clients. During their visits, they sample the accommodation, customer service, and get a general overview of the place. So, if they recommend a winter holiday destination, they know what they are talking about. Booking a winter holiday with Artisan Travel includes a personal conversation with the travel expert who has visited your preferred destination. They offer a personal touch to every client before they make decision to travel with them to any of their destinations. To reserve a winter holiday, a fee of £400 is paid as a down payment, and the rest is paid nine weeks prior to leaving for the holiday. As soon the deposit is made, the confirmation of the holiday is sent to the client for records.

Everyone at Artisan Travel is so passionate about their work – I couldn’t recommend them anymore!.


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