Miraval: Different Kind of Arizona Spa

Aaron Rasmussen Abby Tegnelia Miraval Arizona spasMiraval Resort & Spa, outside of Tucson, Arizona, is an unusual place, sort of a hippy-dippy summer camp for adults. But I only wished this camp was a three-month, all-summer-long affair! Instead, I spent a relaxing long weekend there, soaking in the calming desert landscapes and melting away at the spa. Miraval stands out among Arizona spas; it is the type of place where everyone is either strolling the serene walkways in a robe on the way to and from the spa, or donning their cutest Sporty Spice wear to the gym, a hike, or one of the activities the retreat is famous for. But we’ll get to that.

First, I want to show you the grounds.

After my tropical retreat in Costa Rica, the desert landscape was a refreshing change of scenery. My friend Aaron flew in from NYC to come with me. If anyone needed a relaxing spa-fueled weekend, it’s the two of us: a workaholic journalist New Yorker, and moi, the workaholic editor from Sin City. We had great weather: crisp sun during the day, with colder nights…

Miraval Arizona spas Tuscon

And nothing but blue skies!

Miraval Arizona spas Tuscon

Like all of the famous Arizona spas, Miraval is designed to have a calming effect, which isn’t hard to do with the sunshine beating down on the neutral colors of the desert. A stream rushes through the center of the campus…

Miraval Arizona spas Tuscon

Miraval Arizona spas Tuscon


And bright cactus dot the property.

Miraval Arizona spas Tuscon


Aaron and I each had a cabana at the edge of the resort, so that we had uninterrupted views of nature. Aaron woke up one morning with a wild bobcat on his patio! Here is the view from my room and patio:

Miraval Arizona spas Tuscon


My room had an outdoor shower, in addition to spa-worthy indoor shower and oversized freestanding tub.

Miraval Arizona spas Tuscon


No complaints from me about sleeping in this marshmallow puff of a bed! I cracked the doors open for fresh air the first night — until I heard about the bobcat.

Miraval Arizona spas Tuscon


Cell phones are banned from Miraval except in the rooms, guaranteeing a peaceful visit. It was so nice to walk the grounds with not a care in the world. My mind was free to wander from the clutter that is my work stress, and I vowed this year to veer back onto a life’s path of being truer to what I truly want out of life. For me, it means working on the balance between the “good life” and the “fast lane.”

Miraval Arizona spas Tuscon

A version of the top photo of Aaron and I ran in my editor’s letter this month in Vegas magazine. Check it out!


Miraval Resort and Spa, Tucson, Arizona: 800.232.3969

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  1. This place has always been on our radar…. someday.

    Nothing says “relaxing” like living in fear of a bobcat attack 🙂

  2. Lol you know I was SO jealous!

  3. Looks wonderful! And that marshmallow bed looks AMAZING!!

  4. This sounds fantastic. I’ve always wanted to spend time at a spa out West. I love the way there’s a totally different feel to the desert when compared to anywhere else. This is what I call unplugging for your health. Great pics too! Yum!

  5. It’s strange how calming the sand colors are!

  6. AARON! What a good-looking pair you two make.

  7. Isn’t he so cute?! I bet you hadn’t seen him in years!

  8. A bobcat on the patio?!?! HA. I would NEVER open my door. Overall, Miravel sounds amazing!!!

  9. That view is INSANE! And I love the outdoor shower, although I do prefer my showers bobcat-free.

  10. I was so jealous of his bobcat photo… But also happy he didn’t visit the night I had my door open.

  11. I think that would be a fantastic getaway, although the no cell phones thing would confine me to my room. From the looks of the bed though, that wouldn’t be a problem.

  12. That bed looks absolutely divine! And I love the fact that they ban cell phones. Everyone should turn them off when taking a vacation.

  13. That bed looks absolutely divine! And I love the fact that they ban cell phones. Everyone should turn them off when taking a vacation.

  14. It’s amazing how much you relax when not checking your phone every five minutes! The only thing I missed out on was tweeting pics of some of the wonderful things we did.

  15. Oh it looks divine! I would love to see a wild bobcat!!!

  16. Ooh I have never considered Arizona before but if it looks like this I am definitely putting it on my travel list.

  17. This looks way better than the hot springs we tried last time we were in the Southwest! We went to Truth or Consequence, NM (they changed their name from Hotsprings, NM because of a radio contest) and the town’s accommodations were… less than stellar, lol.

  18. I love Arizona so much (alas my love affair with the desert) and how beautiful it is. Looks so lovely. I think I need one of those weekends SOON.

  19. SO glad you were able to get away for such a lovely escape. 🙂

  20. I wasn’t prepared for just how calming it’d be — even though I’m from New Mexico!

  21. I LOVE places like this! Looks like a great place to escape in the desert.

  22. I’d go there just for the bed – that looks awfully comfy! 🙂

  23. Wow! Another great place to relax. Lucky you that you get to indulge in these retreats, as I’m sure it is well deserved. Though I don’t know how I could survive a no cell phone policy – it’d be worse for me than getting attack by a bobcat.

  24. You totally get it! I had lots of opportunity for relaxing last fall — and I did indeed need it. 😉

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