Five-course dinner? My kind of spa!

Miraval Arizona spas

Low-cal filet mignon.

Lest you think we deprived ourselves, Miraval is not that kind of spa. After a delicious three-course meal at the Cactus Flower restaurant the first night (yes, with wine), we opted for the “Cooking with the Chef” class on the second night. Five courses with wine pairings! Starting with an amazingly healthy, crisp and delicious Caesar salad, we were amazed at all of the things you can do to cut calories in the kitchen. The girls at our table diligently took notes, vowing to cook the whole shebang for their husbands when they returned home to Canada. But only the travel blogger took photos! Pictured here: angus beef filet mignon with roma tomato, basil and shallot salad, drizzled with vinegar reduction and topped with a goat cheese ball.

Chef lightly coated the pan with olive oil from a spray bottle to cut calories. His reduction took 45 minutes on extremely low heat. Looks like I need to improve my patience and lower the heat, as mine has never taken that long!

Calorie count: a whopping 305 per serving.

For some of chef Chad Luethje’s recipes, click here! He covers everything — including desserts and cocktails.

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  1. 45 minutes to make a sauce? I’m pretty sure I don’t have the patience for that. But, yum!!

  2. You know, I’d be OK with it if you wanted to return to Canada and make that for me! I’m pretty sure Lori would be fine with it too, as long as I shared a little.
    Looks fantastic!

  3. Sounds and looks yummy. But 45 minutes….!

  4. He expertly had the sauce on the stove while we ate apps and such. Organizing the pace of the meal was almost as impressive as the actual dishes!

  5. Wow 305 for all of that!?! Amazing!

  6. Looks lovely and healthy too.

  7. That dish looks amazing, I can’t believe it’s only 305 calories…I need to check out his recipes!

  8. That looks so good! I’ve been looking for new things to cook.

  9. Wow! I love good, flavorful food, but the calories are usually the problem. I will definitely be checking out these recipes…. when I have a decent kitchen to use again 🙂

  10. The recipes are wild — he does some pretty genius moves to cut calories.

  11. I’ve never taken 45 minutes to cook a filet either, but I love that it’s only 305 calories. That just might make it worth it.

  12. Def need me some meals like this in my life! great post Abby!

  13. Looks and sounds delicious, and you can’t complain about the calories! I never would have thought you could have all those ingredients for such a low calorie count.

  14. If I just paid attention a teensy bit more in the kitchen, it’s amazing how different it could be…

  15. That looks delicious!

    I want to hear more about hanging out with friendly Canadians 😉

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