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Abby Tegnelia Platinum EntourageA creative Pisces to the core, I am always just one daydream away from my next big adventure.

I started this travel blog (originally called The Jungle Princess) during my one year as an expat in a tiny town in Costa Rica. There, I lived in a one-room teensy little house and enjoyed a life of Spanish classes, drinking on my neighbor’s stoop and sunset walks on the beach. I slept with a machete under my bed yet slept through the night for the first time in my life. All the while, I wrote for more than 20 magazines world-wide. My small celeb news agency,¬†All Star Reports, grew — despite my covering Hollywood remotely from a beach in Central America.

I promise you, anything is possible!

Then without warning, while I was vacationing in Nicaragua with what was quite possibly the most fun group of people I’d ever traveled with, I got an email that changed everything. A dream job. Back in Las Vegas.

I firmly believe that you can talk and talk and complain and empathize with others, but to change your life, you must actually changeyourlife. And I am doing it yet again — moving to Silicon Valley, California (San Francisco Bay Area) with not much more than a gut feeling that it’s time for change.

I often feel split in two — I love the excitement and career satisfaction that I got during my three years as editor-in-chief of Vegas magazine, but man, I miss the big adventures that come with long-term travel. ¬†Join me as I navigate the path of someone who longs for both – and sometimes gets it.

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***I am eagerly taking on freelance assignments, but in journalism and social media. For my resume/portfolio, please see my Visual CV.

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This blog, while a passionate labor of love, does help bring in some income and wouldn’t be possible without the generous support of some wonderful brands. Companies may invite me as a guest on an activity, which you will see identified at the bottom of a story. If an entry does not in any way indicate sponsorship, it means the blog post was not provided by the venue in return for blog exposure.
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