A New Wave of Wine Coming from the Balkans?

Just like Chile and California have become increasingly popular sources for quality wines in the past, it is now the turn of Eastern and South-Eastern Europe to make itself known around the world. Two traditional wine-making countries, Romania and Bulgaria, are returning into the spotlight with their high quality and affordable prices. And some of the wines you will find there are special, traditional assortments, not to be found anywhere else.

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Romania and Bulgaria were both major wine exporting countries in the Sovietic era. Both countries were under the heavy influence of the Soviet Union back then, but they had strong commercial ties with the West. Romania and Bulgaria have each exported on average 50 million bottles of wine to the UK alone, not to mention other European countries. And after the fall of the Communist government in the late 1980s, both countries saw their exports plummet to not more than one tenth of the past quantity.

Make no mistake – the countries’ potential to produce quality wine is still there, but apparently the industry lacks investment and expertise. Luckily, foreign investments in the traditional wine producing regions of the countries have put them back on the map. One of the companies to recently emerge on the global wine scene is Cramele Recas, a winery in the West of Romania, built on investment from a British company. It has both budget wines and high quality products, available in shops and restaurants all over Europe.

I’ve recently had the occasion to taste one of the traditional Romanian wine varieties, Tamaioasa Romaneasca (Romanian Muscatel). It is a sweet and aromatic wine, perfect for a dessert. I’ve spent quite some time in its company while courting Lady Luck with the Canadian Royal Vegas online slots, and I must say it has made me wonderfully dizzy. Not dizzy enough not to be able to focus at the slots I was playing. The slots at Royal Vegas are colorful and exciting enough to capture my attention and tie me to the screen for hours. Its game variety is amazing, and its latest games – like Bridesmaids, which I loved as a movie – are both appealing and entertaining. Besides, The Canadian Royal Vegas casino has its way to keep me interested in its offers and return for more day after day. And, as it turns out, the Tamaioasa is the perfect wine to pair with its perfect games.

Wine lovers, I recommend you keep an eye on the Balkans for an emerging new line of wines. The industry in these countries might be slow in recovering from the shock of the changing regimes, but it has the potential to amaze our taste buds with some unique and special assortments.

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  1. Wine from the Balkans is quite intriguing … hope to sample some soon!

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