4 ways to enjoy nightlife in St Tropez, France

St Tropez is a favorite destination for travelers that want to enjoy getting to know France on a village island. It is a great location to spend your holidays during the summer whether travelling alone, as a group or couple. Apart from the tranquil atmosphere that you get to enjoy in St Tropez, it also has the best beaches that can be used as event venues or a relaxation pad to soak in some sun. Finding suitable accommodation in the contained village is quite easy as there are many options to choose from including villas, luxury hotels and budget hotels as well. Even so, it is important to plan in advance when travelling to St Tropez to ensure that you maximize your stay.

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Travelling to St Tropez cannot be considered complete without having a taste of its nightlife which is quite captivating. Some of the night time activities that you can enjoy when in St Tropez are:

  1. Enjoying dinner at exquisite restaurants

Eating out in St Tropez is a culinary experience that will leave you longing for more. There are many types of restaurants to choose from with most of them offering various specialties. Some of the popular cuisines are Mediterranean and French gastronomic which can be enjoyed by you and your friends every night. Famous restaurants in St Tropez worth checking out include Bistro Canaille and Auberge de l’Oumède among others.

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  1. Dancing all night at famous clubs

If your idea of an enjoyable night is dancing to the latest music, then St Tropez is your ideal location. The clubs are designed to give visitors an experience like no other with many of them giving revelers a chance to mingle with celebrities that frequent their entertainment scene. Two of the most popular nightclubs in St Tropez are Le Cave Du Roy which is at Byblos hotel and is famous for its DJ mixes and enjoyable music. VIP Room is another night spot that is popular and has an urbane look and great music as well.

  1. Strolling under the moonlight

The beaches in St. Tropez are the perfect place for couples to spend time together enjoying the night sky and the warm air. Most times, the beach is not as busy as during the day giving you some serenity when exploring the beaches. You can even visit the beach clubs stationed alongside the beach and sample the available cuisine.

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  1. Explore the famous St Tropez harbor

A trip down to the St Tropez harbor gives you a chance to see a display of opulence in form of yachts. The yachts are of different sizes with the most beautiful ones being super yachts that have amenities that resemble those of a mansion or luxury hotel. The presence of the boats lights up the harbor making the reflection on the water relaxing especially at night.

All in all, St Tropez is the best destination if you are looking at having a good time during the day and even better nights when on holiday.

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