24 Hours in New York

Melissa Weiner Abby Tegnelia NYCThere are insomniacs — and those who will never know what it’s like to not sleep like a baby. There are the naturally thin vs those who can’t fathom not fighting weight issues throughout their entire lives. And then there are those of us who will jump on a plane at the drop of a hat …. and those who think we’re nuts. I recently flew from Vegas to New York City for less than 24 hours and would do it again the second it was offered. I love airports, long flights (uninterrupted hours of reading!), landing in a different world for a little rejuvenation and spark. I’ve been called an escapist, and perhaps I am. But at least it leads to magic in my life! Even if it’s just for a short while at a time.

The first thing I did when I landed? Got ready as fast as I could and headed to dinner… With my best friend from Las Vegas, Melissa. (SHOWN above) Even though I had so many people to see, I couldn’t have been more excited to see her! We clicked so quickly when she moved to Vegas partly because we have similar backgrounds and were New Yorkers (her almost life-long, me for five very impressionable years). To actually hang out in the city was almost too much! She and her amazing aunt took me to Molyvos, a delicious Greek restaurant in midtown, near where I was staying. It was cozy and warm, and the food was delicious.

NYC Molyvos Greek


After dinner, I ran off to Broadway to catch a showing of Rock of Ages, the 80s hair metal musical that is now showing in Vegas. It was such retro fun — I drank Coors Light out of a can!

Rock of Ages Broadway


Afterwards, I stayed out way too late trying to get as much socializing in as I could. It is so freeing being in Manhattan and not having to drive!



The next day, I ran off to meet yet another friend. One of my favorite things about New York, is the diversity of the people — and that you get to see everyone up close as you walk around the city. I was more bundled up than I had been in a very long time, yet so many diehards were wearing shorts!

NYC Winter Shorts


My destination: a city diner, of course! Nothing beats cheap, dependable diner food for breakfast. Grumpy waitresses and eggs any way I want them? Yes, please!

NYC Diner Food


Afterwards, I met up with my very best friends, but we were all talking too fast to fit everything in before my flight that I didn’t take any photos. Next time! Then I raced off to the airport — an hour to JFK before a five-hour flight home.


It was worth it.

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  1. Sounds like a fantastic trip, Abby! πŸ™‚ Love that you counted 24 hours with your friends as well worth any time spent in airports and airplanes. πŸ™‚

  2. Love this. I’d totally fly out to New York for a night if I had the chance.

  3. I think my record was a couple days in Rio with flights that were something like 9 hours each way thanks to a layover, and I’d do it again too! It’s always worth it to hit up a fun city where you’ve got good friends.

  4. I remember that trip!!

  5. I’m getting too old for short trips haha! I used to fly down to BA when I was in Grad School for 48 hours over the weekend to see Lucas. That was craziness!!!! What a fun trip you had!

  6. We love this kinda getaway!

  7. I think you get to New York City more often than I do, Abby, and I’m only an hour’s flight away! I hear you on the uninterrupted reading time, too. There is definitely something to be said about that.

  8. Good friends and food = perfect day anywhere, but definitely a little more sparkle when in Manhattan. πŸ™‚
    I always try to grab at least an hour in Bryant Park http://goo.gl/BRDav

  9. Just goes to show no amount of time is too short for a break. Just gotta make it count!

  10. I actually wrote a similar post a while back about a whirlwind day MJ and I had in NYC. We hit the Today Show, The Met, Top of the Rock, Tiffany’s (I bought the 2nd cheapest thing in the store), The St. Regis for Bloody Mary’s, and The Plaza for dessert. It was quite a day:)

  11. I might be in NYC for a whirlwind trip soon myself, though I’ll be going with a client so I’ll be more limited. But a meal in NYC is usually worth the trip!

  12. Escapism rocks! I went to Iceland for 38 hours once – slept about 9 of those and had an action packed time for the rest! And agree about the reading time on the plane (especially as a mother)!

  13. We have to meet, no matter how briefly! You need to meet your e-niece πŸ™‚

  14. NYC city is always a lot of fun, but I have never been there for such a short time. Leaving in Europe makes it impossible, but would be cool to have it like Zurich, oslo or Paris to be able to fly for 24h! And Not sure I would fly from Vegas to NYC just for 24h, I’m getting too old for those crazy escapades! πŸ™‚

  15. That’s adventurous! I’ve never purposely done a 24 hour trip. I don’t know if I could! I always want more time in the city, but that’s pretty cool because it’s such a thrill. Maybe, one day!

  16. So understand what you mean in the opening lines. I have friends who think I’m crazy on several counts! In fact, heck, I’d fly from here (Canary Islands) to NY for 24 hours if I had the money!!! Life is waaay too short to sit still.

    Totally with you on the reading too, never is enough time to get in sufficient reading! Spent 3 hours in queues today – maΓ±ana syndrome is alive & well, and living here, and the only way to live with it is to look on it as reading time!

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